Board Meeting, 29 August 2006

Present: Ellen Chapman, Barbara Dunn, Laura Gerwitz, Judy Kearney, Pat Ogburn, Kanani Reppun, Helen Wong Smith; Excused: Andrew Wertheimer

Kanani called the meeting to order at 5:40pm. Minutes of the July meeting were accepted as written.

The Treasurer's report showed that we have $5,681.83 in the account.

MEMBERSHIP: AHA has about 75 individual members and five institutional members. Laura and Judy will compile a current list of members who have paid dues for 2006. In the September newsletter we will place a reminder about current dues for those who have not yet paid for this year. At Laura's request, we authorized the purchase of a rubber stamp with the account number for use on the checks she receives.

Everything is confirmed for the event on October 24. The Board will meet earlier than usual 5:15 for a catered dinner organized by Kanani and paid for by AHA. At 7:00 in the Mission Houses library reading room, Laura Ruby will make a presentation on her research for the history of Moiliili. The library will make a projection screen available, and Helen will arrange for a laptop with PowerPoint software and a projector. We will provide publicity via our website and in the September newsletter. Ellen will ask Laura for the title of her talk. Some time in the week of November 13, Lynn Davis will give a presentation on daguerreotypes. Leilani reported that Chieko recommends a presentation on her Buddhist temple photographs early next year. The event would likely be on a Saturday and be at the temple.

ANNUAL CONFERENCE: We decided to hold the conference in the Lahaina or Wailuku areas of Maui. We discussed conference venues, speakers, site visits, restaurants and hotels. Barbara will check on Mama's Fish House restaurant.

the final language for the resolution. Judy will mail it with a cover letter to variety organizations and people. Judy will send each of the Board members a portion of the list to find mailing addresses and send them to her. The resolution will be included in the September newsletter and will be posted on our website. Helen will print more AHA letterhead stationery for the resolution cover letter. We will all help stuff envelopes at the Board meeting in September.

NEWSLETTER: We decided to include the following in the September newsletter: Photos of the Summer Social; QLCC workshop report; Laura Ruby's October presentation; Lynn Davis' November presentation; the HML resolution; reminder about paying 2006 dues; annual conference information; a report from Jim Cartwright and Jan Zastrow on their experiences at the SAA annual meeting; DeSoto Brown's new book on surfing; and Helen's report on a student's blog on preservation.

OUTREACH: Helen told us about the Society of California Archivists' series of brochures on preserving history <>. This is a downloadable pdf file that includes information about bulk orders. Helen suggested that AHA do something similar for our communities.

FUND RAISING: We discussed the possibility of creating and selling AHA tote bags, t-shirts or other products. The subject was tabled for another

STANDARDS: Helen reported that Martin Skrydstrup of the World Intellectual Property Organization will be in Hawaii for the next three weeks to investigate repositories' treatment of indigenous cultural materials.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:00pm

NEXT MEETINGS: Mission Houses Library
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Respectfully submitted,
Ellen Chapman, Secretary