Board Meeting, July 25, 2006

Present: Ellen Chapman, Barbara Dunn, Laura Gerwitz, Judy Kearney, Pat Ogburn, Leilani Pyle, Kanani Reppun, Helen Wong Smith, Andrew Wertheimer

Kanani called the meeting to order at 5:35.

Minutes of the May meeting were approved as corrected.

Laura reported that we have a balance of $5743.13.

Hawaii Library Association: Helen reported that her proposal for a presentation on caring for a small collection of archival material in libraries was accepted by HLA for its annual conference in November. She asked for another AHA member conversant with both archives and libraries to co-present. Judy volunteered. We agreed that AHA would pay the presenters' conference registration fees. This will be good PR for AHA. Society of American Archivists: Helen will compile her notes and comments received about the Molokai workshop for the AHA Newsletter. This will be preparation for writing a proposal that she and Jim Cartwright make a presentation at the 2007 SAA annual conference in relation to Native American collections and outreach.

AHA: For Laura Ruby's presentation on her research on the Moiliili community to AHA, we decided to have it on Tuesday, October 24 at 7:00pm at the Mission Houses. AHA will give Ruby a $100 honorarium. Ellen will contact Ruby to see if the date and time are OK with her; if so, Judy will place a notice in the Newsletter. The presentation will be preceded by a brief Board meeting at 5:15 (note earlier time) which will be followed by a dinner for the Board. We agreed that AHA will pay for the dinner. AHA: We discussed having Lorraine Palumbo give a presentation to AHA on her work with local Buddhist temple photographs. Leiliani will contact Chieko Tachihata, who is also working on the project, to see if such a presentation would be possible.

ANNUAL CONFERENCE: After several discussions at previous Board meetings, we decided that Maui will be the venue for the 2007 annual conference. We debated a variety of archives and other sites to visit, keeping in mind activities at previous annual conferences on Maui. Barbara related a conversation she had with Gail Ainsworth of Maui Community College who is eager to assist us and had lots of good ideas. Barbara will send Board members a report on the conversation. Other suggestions included: Pioneer Sugar Mill; Baldwin family archives; Maui Historical Society; Chinese Tong Society; Ching Store; Fong Store; Seabury Hall; Makawao Cemetery; and the Lavender Farm.

INTERNS: Mission Houses has arranged for an LIS intern to work September through May.

HAWAII MEDICAL LIBRARY: We discussed Judy's draft of an AHA resolution lamenting and asking for a reversal of the decision by Queen's Medical Center to demolish the Hawaii Medical Library building. It was designed by famed local architect Vladimir Ossipoff and it houses the preeminent medical archival collection in the state. By sending the resolution to a variety of groups and individuals, including AHA members, we hope to raise community awareness of and start a discussion about the fate of the building. Judy found copies of three articles about the building and will send them with the resolution to newspaper columnists we have targeted. Judy will send the latest draft of the resolution to Board members.

Helen proposed that AHA join with Alu Like and UHM's LIS in applying for an ILMS grant for archival outreach to Native Hawaiians. Everyone agreed that is worth pursuing and Andrew will gather ILMS information for us to consider. Kanani reported that in the fall, Jim Cartwright will approach small, independent religious congregations in the state about helping them with their archives.

ACA RECERTIFICATION: Kanani announced that she had just been notified that she has earned recertification. Congratulations! We were all pleased to hear this.

SUMMER SOCIAL: Nineteen people attended the Summer Social and had an enjoyable time with good food. Laura took photos at the event and will send them to Judy for the AHA Newsletter.

AHA TOTE BAGS: We talked about possibly making more AHA tote bags and/or T-shirts. We believe there is a small supply of the tote bags, but nobody is sure where they are. Ellen will ask Jim Cartwright if he has them.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:55pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Ellen Chapman, Secretary

Next Meetings: Tuesdays, 5:30pm (except Oct. at 5:15), Mission Houses. August 22, September 26, October 24, November 28 (no meeting in December)