Board Meeting, May 23, 2006

Present: Ellen Chapman, Barbara Dunn, Laura Gerwitz, Judy Kearney, Pat Ogburn, Leilani Pyle, Kanani Reppun, Andrew Wertheimer, Helen Wong Smith

Kanani started the meeting at 5:40pm.

Minutes of the April 18 meeting were approved as corrected. She asked that we always bring copies of the previous meeting's minutes to the Board meetings.

Laura gave the Treasurer's report: as of the end of April, AHA has a balance of $5,098.08. Helen reported that she sent the 2006 annual meeting coffee-break invoice for $270 to Larry Gates of Metal Edge, Inc. who sponsored the break.

Helen described the Caring for Family Treasures Workshop on Molokai as excellent. She, DeSoto Brown, and Linda Hee discussed and demonstrated the archival techniques of caring for books and papers, photographs, and textiles, respectively. Nineteen people attended at no charge. The Queen Liliuokalani Children's Center (QLCC) sponsored the event, paying airfare and car rental for the presenters and lunch for all. Larry Gates of Metal Edge, Inc. donated photo sleeves. Helen had prepared a press release that was published in the Molokai Dispatch of May 11, 2006 on p. 7. She will send a copy to Andrew to post on the AHA website. Helen will ask Dorothy Curtis (an attendee) to write an article about the workshop for the Molokai News. Helen may return to assist in preserving a collection of old books. QLCC invites other archivists to let QLCC know if they would like to assist. The Center would pay the airfare.

Internships: Andrew said that so far there have been no new archives interested in providing internships. One current student is in discussion about an intern position at the Mission Houses Archives. Courses: Andrew reported that he will be teaching the archives class in Spring 2007, and will create another archives course to be offered in Fall 2007. He may ask several of the Board members to guest lecture.

OUTREACH: Hawaii Library Association: It had been suggested earlier that AHA participate in the HLA annual meeting to be held in Waikiki on November 10-11. Helen suggested she, DeSoto Brown, and Linda Hee give a presentation similar to the Molokai workshop, although excluding textiles. The Board agreed this was a good idea and Kanani said she would work with Helen on the proposal. Lanai: Helen will contact Nani Watanabe about possible AHA activity.

MEMBERSHIP UPDATE: Judy distributed a list of current members, noting that she it is frequently being updated as she receives new information. AHA will send reminder notices to those who have not yet paid dues for 2006. Judy will check the mailbox on a regular basis. Everyone, dues-paying or not, will continue to receive the newsletter since we are committed to communication among archivists state-wide.

PROFESSIONAL EVENT: Lynn Davis is scheduled to discuss daguerreotypes in November at the Mission Houses. Laura Ruby's research on historic Moiliili was suggested; Ellen will contact her.

Maui, Lahaina side, was proposed as the venue. We discussed a previous meeting on Maui, possible places and activities for the next one,
and the possibility of assistance from the Maui Historical Society. Barbara will contact the Society's director about this. Let Kanani or
Helen know if you are will to be a co-chair for the meeting. Program: 1) Helen will be finished with the KCAA archives project
in June and offered to give a presentation about the collection and her work with it at the annual meeting; 2) Lorraine Palumbo's work with
historic photographs of Buddhist temples; 3) Chieko Tachihata's cataloging and making a finding aid for the collection.

SUMMER SOCIAL: Leilani says Mary Judd is agreeable to hosting this event again. Kanani will call her. We discussed activities for the Social and decided to ask Rae Shiraki to demonstrate a printing technique, perhaps leaf printing; leaves could be gathered beforehand on the proposed hike. Kanani will ask Rae about this.

HAWAII MEDICAL LIBRARY: Judy reminded us of the proposed demolition of the Ossipoff-designed HML building and asked if AHA should take a public position. We discussed other groups that might be interested in trying to prevent the demolition: the Honolulu Academy of Arts (planning a 2007 Ossipoff exhibit); Historic Hawaii; and the UH Manoa School of Architecture. It may be that a column by journalist Bob Krauss would help preserve the building. Judy will draft a statement for us and encourage the other groups to do the same. We will also express concern that the Mamiya Medical Heritage Center, the only medical archives in the state, might be neglected if placed elsewhere.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:50pm

Respectfully submitted,
Ellen Chapman, Secretary

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, July 25, 5:30pm, Mission Houses (no June meeting).
After that: Aug 22, Sept 24, Oct 28, Nov 28 (no Dec meeting)