Association of Hawai‘i Archivists

Board of Directors Meeting - 25 Oct. 2005 - Minutes (Revised)

Present: Jim Cartwright, Ellen Chapman, Barbara Dunn, Laura Gerwitz, Judy Kearney, Kanani Reppun, and guest Marie Wasnock

Excused: Leilani Pyle, Helen Wong Smith, Andrew Wertheimer

Jim called the meeting to order at 5:40. Minutes of the September meeting were accepted as corrected. There was no Treasurer's report.

Guest Marie Wasnock is an LIS student taking an LIS management class (and also took archives this summer). Part of her assignment was to attend a meeting of a professional archives organization.

ANNUAL MEETING: Ellen asked for an estimate of the number of people who would attend (for purposes of reserving enough places for lunch and the Shangri-La tour). Barbara suggested a pre-registration query via the listserv. Ellen will send the message.

The deadline for reservations is Nov. 28 for the holiday social on 6 Dec. at the Mission Houses. RSVP to Kanani Reppun <>. Helen will check the AHA mailbox after that date in case any reservations come by mail.
   Information about the event will be in the next newsletter and we will send a postcard invitation to all members with a return, addressed envelope; responders provide their own postage. Helen is in charge of obtaining door prizes.

AGNES C. CONRAD AWARD: Ellen showed a rough draft for the certificate; she will incorporate suggested changes for a draft to be reviewed at the next meeting. Barbara recommended a separate text outlining Conrad's career and contributions to accompany the certificate. Susan Shaner is gathering such information and Helen will ask her to compose the text. We decided
to issue a press release after the award is presented.

HURRICANE RELIEF FUND: SAA and the Society of Southwest Archivists have created a fund to assist archivists affected by recent Gulf hurricanes. We agreed to contribute but tabled the issue until the next meeting when we will decide on the amount with the Treasurer present.

TECH TALK: Barbara is trying to find more information about the flexible plastic material Vivak, used for book supports in the Treasures of the Library exhibit at UH.

CONSULTING OPPORTUNITY: Jim will send a message to all AHA members about KCAA Mother Rice's request for a qualified archivist to process the school's archives. Respondents will be given contact information.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:25.

Respectfully submitted,
Ellen Chapman, Secretary

NEXT MEETING: Tuesdays, 5:30pm, Nov. 22. (Revised 22 Nov. 05)