Present: Jim Cartwright, Ellen Chapman, Barbara Dunn, Laura Gerwitz, Judy
Kearney, Leilani Pyle

Excused: Kanani Reppun, Helen Wong Smith, Andrew Wertheimer

Jim called the meeting to order at 5:45pm. Minutes of the meeting were
accepted as corrected. There was no Treasurer's report.

JUNE MEETING: Jim noted that three people would be unable to attend the
June meeting. After a discussion, we decided to hold the June 28 meeting.

     PAST EVENTS: Five AHA members attended Tropic Lightning Museum event
and were impressed by the facilities and collections. Nanette Napoleon
lecture on the Massie case: Fifteen people, AHA members and others,
attended the lecture and presentation of the PBS Massie case documentary.
We discussed ways to attract more attendees including broadcasting the
information about events on the soon-to-be-established listserv and
sending out a printed flyer closer to the date of the event.
     SECURITY IN THE READING ROOM: Jim reminded us of this June 7 web
seminar sponsored by SAA. It starts at 8:00am and will be held in the UH
Manoa Hamilton Library, Archives Reading Room. He will publicize it to AHA
     FALL EVENT: Treasures of the Library exhibit will open at the art
gallery on the UH Manoa campus in September. Jim will talk to gallery
director Tom Klobe to speak to us about the exhibit, especially items from
the Archives. A Sunday would be the best day since the gallery is open in
the afternoon and parking is plentiful (although not free - $3).
Library preservation officer about speaking to AHA about flood recovery
some time around the first anniversary (flood-Oct. 30, 2004). He will
continue to pursue this with Lynn and will also ask Gwen Sinclair, head of
the Government Documents Collection, to talk to us.

ANNUAL MEETING: After gathering information on possibilities at the
Honolulu Academy of Art, we agreed to plan on holding the annual meeting
at the Academy. The date we prefer, based on dates for the Cook exhibit
and spring break, is Saturday March 4; other acceptable dates are
Saturdays 11 and 18. Ellen will ask Academy director Steve Little to speak
to the group. Also tentatively on the program are a tour of the library
with a talk by the librarian Ron Chapman, a tour of the archives with a
talk by the archivist Mary Ann Akao, lunch, the all-member business
meeting, the Board meeting, and a visit to Shangri-La (Islamic art
center). There are no rooms in the main Academy building that would hold
the expected number of attendees, but the Academy's Linekona building has
several classrooms that would be suitable.

    SUMMER SOCIAL: Jim will ask Mary Judd if she is willing to host the
Summer Social again in July. If not, there is time for us to plan for
another venue.
     HOLIDAY SOCIAL: We decided to bring ideas for this event to the June
meeting for more in-depth discussion.

HAMILTON LIBRARY FLOOD RECOVERY FUND: Ellen reported that about a dozen
people donated money to this fund, some before the AHA solicitation and
some after. She will compile the information and submit the checks and
list of donors to the UH Foundation.

DIGITIZING WORKSHOP: Barbara Dunn reported on the OCLC workshop on
digitizing that she attended. Hardware, software, protocols, metadata and
other considerations were discussed. She emphasized the discussion on
creating a state-wide consortium for cooperative digitizing activities
along the lines of projects in other states

The meeting was adjourned at 7:00pm

Respectfully submitted,
Ellen Chapman, Secretary

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