Association of Hawai‘i Archivists

BOARD MEETING, April 26, 2005

Present: Jim Cartwright, Ellen Chapman, Barbara Dunn, Laura Gerwitz, Judy
Kearney, Leilani Pyle, Kanani Reppun, Andrew Wertheimer; Excused: Helen Wong Smith

Jim called the meeting to order at 5:45pm. Minutes of the March meeting were approved as corrected. There was no Treasurer's report.

Tropic Lightning Museum visit is Saturday, April 30. Barbara has bottled water from a previous event and will give it to Leilani to take to this activity. Laura will bring paper goods, Leilani will get a lei for Linda Hee, and Jim will send a reminder about the visit to all AHA members.

"Massie Case" presentation by Nanette Napoleon is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday evening, May 11. Jim will confirm with Nanette. Kanani offered the Mission Houses meeting room; parking there is easier than on the UH Manoa campus. Invitations will be sent to local groups such as HLA and the SLA chapter. Treasures of the University Library, an exhibit opening at UH Manoa in September could be a venue for an AHA professional event. We could ask Tom Klobe, Art Dept. Gallery manager, to speak to us. [WHO proposed this?] Jim is involved in supplying some of the treasures and will verify the dates for us.
We discussed a late fall event to coincide with the first anniversary of the UHM Hamilton Library flood of Oct. 30, 2004. Possible speakers include the library's preservation officer Lynn Davis and Government Documents head Gwen Sinclair, both of whom worked heroically to save a great deal of material.

FLOOD-RELIEF, HAMILTON LIBRARY: Ellen reported that six members had sent checks and two had notified her that they donated earlier. Jim will send a reminder to AHA members that April 29 is the deadline to contribute to the flood-relief fundraising for UHM's Hamilton Library or to notify us that donations were made earlier. Ellen will receive the checks and notifications, and will convey them to the UH Foundation in AHA's name.

VENUE: We agreed to plan on holding the annual meeting at the Honolulu Academy of Arts.
PROGRAM: We would like to have: presentations by the archivist Mary Ann Akao, the librarian Ron Chapman and the Academy director Steve Little; a viewing of the Capt. Cook treasures exhibit; a tour of Shangri-La; and lunch at the Academy.
DATE: The Capt. Cook exhibit opens on Feb. 22, so the Presidents Day weekend would be too early. In order to avoid the first crush of visitors in late Feb. and to avoid many AHA members being away during spring break in late March, we propose the first three Saturdays in March (4th, 11th, or 18th.)
ACTION: Ellen and Ron will gather information about meeting at the Academy and our proposed activities.

NHPRC LETTER: The AHA Board was unable to draft a letter to Congress urging that funding be restored to NHPRC. The deadline is today, so AHA will take no further action.

LISTSERV: Kanani reported that her son's company is willing to host our listserv. Jim will ask Linda Soma if she would be the list administrator. We discussed parameters and decided to ask Linda for her insights and discuss the matter further.

NEWSLETTER: Judy proposed that she place in the next newsletter a call for members to submit articles about their collections and activities. We unanimously agreed.

SUMMER SOCIAL: Jim will ask Mary Judd if she would be willing to host the summer social again.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:30pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Ellen Chapman, Secretary

*****Next Meeting***** 

Tuesday, May 24, 2005, 5:30pm, UH Manoa, Hamilton Library, Archives Reading Room