AHA Board Meeting, March 22, 2005

Present: Jim Cartwright, Ellen Chapman, Barbara Dunn, Laura Gerwitz, Judy Kearney, Leilani Pyle, Kanani Reppun, Andrew Wertheimer

Excused: Helen Wong Smith

Jim called the meeting to order at 5:40pm. Minutes of the February 2005 meeting were approved as written. There was no Treasurer's report.

ANNUAL REPORTS: Jim asked Helen and Ellen to prepare annual reports of the, respectively, Treasurer's and Secretary's activities for the past year. He will add them to his report.

ARCHIVES: Every officer should send copies of all 2004 monthly or other reports and publications to Jim for the AHA archives (housed at BYU-H).

OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS: Jim will ask if the state Dept. of Commerce and Consumer Affairs needs a copy of our revised by-laws. He will also file the annual report and the form listing officers.

BY-LAWS: The revised By-laws are posted on the web site. Judy and Jim will review them for accuracy.

LISTSERV: Kanani reported that her son has offered to host our listserv on his company's server and we gratefully accepted. She will get more details and have her son contact Jim.

MEMBERSHIP UPDATES: All members need to be informed of changes in membership. After a discussion, Judy, as newsletter editor, volunteered to keep the list up to date and inform all members of new or changed names,
email and snail-mail addresses. Once a year, she will distribute the most recently updated list.

CHECKS: The current policy is to require two of the three authorized signatures for each check. After talking about pros and cons, Barbara moved that we require only one signature; Andrew seconded the motion; it passed with seven ayes and one abstention (Jim - one of the authorized signers).

Tropic Lightning Museum: We discussed possible dates in April and May; Jim will discuss this with archivist Linda Hee. Leilani will get a lei for Linda. After considering lunch options, we tentatively decided the
visit would include bring-your-own brown bag and possibly bringing lunch for Linda.
Barbara reported that Nanette Napoleon is preparing a documentary on the Massie case to be shown on PBS in late April. We decided to invite Napoleon to speak to AHA about her research and use of documents. We likely will invite other groups possibly interested in the subject. Depending on the number of people who express interest, we may use the Archives reading room in Hamilton Library or a larger venue on campus. Barbara will make the initial contact with Napoleon and refer her to Jim for further discussion.

Barbara also suggested that we consider the Honolulu Academy of Arts for another activity - a visit to the archives with a presentation from Mary Ann Akao and the library with a presentation from Ron Chapman.

ANNUAL MEETING: Since the annual meeting will be on Oahu this year, perhaps the Academy could be the venue and include activities mentioned above as well as a presentation by director Steven Little and lunch there.
We will discuss these possibilities at future meetings. Ellen will find out the dates of the planned Capt. Cook exhibit to see if the timing will allow that to be part of the meeting.

FLOOD-RELIEF DONATION: We discussed a donation to the flood-relief fund for Hamilton Library. If we gave money, we couldn't give very much. Barbara suggested we send an appeal to all AHA members; checks would be
written to the UH Foundation and sent to Helen who would send them in a group with a letter saying they came from AHA members. Members who gave individually to the fund individually can report amounts given if they wish, so that we can announce a total to the membership. The deadline will be April 29 [WHO is going to send out the appeal to members?]

NHPRC SUPPORT: Jim suggested he draft a letter, for Board approval, to send to Congress in support of funding for NHPRC. Apparently, Congress is considering eliminating funds for this agency.

A-CENSUS: Final and full results of A-Census (archives and archivists) is due in April. If you see any sign of it, please let the Board members know.

April 26  (Those interested will have dinner afterwards at East
          Side Grill in Puck's Alley)
May 24
June 28   (Three Board members will not be able to attend. We will
          discuss at the May meeting whether or not to meet in June)
July 26
August 23
September 27
October 25
November 22  (Thanksgiving is the 24th)
December 27

The meeting was adjourned at 7:00

Respectfully submitted,
Ellen Chapman, Secretary