Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

20 February 2005

Lana‘i City, Lana‘i.


            The board assigned themselves numbered slots, with newly elected members having odd-numbered slots 1, 3, and 5 and the carry-over board members having even-numbered slots, 2, 4, and 6.  President suggested that we arrange the members alphabetically by surname within the even and odd numbered groups.  Thus Barbara Dunn is #1.  Ellen Chapman is #2.  Laura Gerwitz is #3.  Helen Wong Smith is #4.  Leilani Pyle is #5. Andrew Wertheimer is #6.  Now whenever a vacancy occurs on the board it will easily be verifiable whether the replacement person fills one or two years on the term, as odd numbered slots are elected in odd years, even numbered slots in even years. 

           Barbara Dunn nominated Ellen Chapman as Secretary; Andrew Wertheimer seconded the nomination.  Ellen was elected unanimously. 

            Andrew Wertheimer nominated Helen Wong Smith as Treasurer. Kanani Reppun seconded the nomination.  Voting was unanimous. 

Schedule of Board Meetings. 

            President indicated the schedule the Board had had the previous year and suggested we retain the same schedule.  We agreed to meet at the University Archives Reading Room on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m.; one board member asked if the meeting could be earlier, but two members could not make an earlier time. 

            For the first meeting in March, each person who drives will have to pay his/her own parking fee which Association will reimburse.  President will attempt to pick up parking passes for the four drivers needing parking passes for the following three board meetings, 26 April, 24 May, and 28 June.