AHA BOARD MEETING, August 24, 2004


Present: Jim Cartwright, Ellen Chapman, Judy Kearney, Linda Soma, Andrew



Absent:  Leilani Pyle, Pat Ogburn, Helen Wong Smith


Jim called the meeting to order at 5:45pm. Minutes of the July meeting

were accepted as written.


MEMBERSHIP LISTS: Jim reported that Linda has agreed to be Membership

Secretary. She will keep current lists of members and their email and mailing addresses. She will also keep a current list of AHA listserv subscribers. Helen will inform her of new members when they pay the fee  and this will be reported at the next Board meeting for inclusion in the minutes.


NEWSLETTER: Judy suggested the following topics for the next newsletter:

recaps of some SAA Annual Meeting sessions; summary of Nancy Zimmelman's

presentation; and information about the October 2nd workshop at the Japanese Cultural Center. She will provide a draft for the Board's comments. AHA members will receive hard copy and it will be posted on the Web site.


FALL SOCIAL: Because of Pat's absence, the fall social will probably be postponed, perhaps to the end of the year.


WORKSHOP: The AHA workshop at the Japanese Cultural Center will be on

Saturday, Oct. 2 and start at 9:00. Jim will email Helen and Andrew to organize the details. Attendees will be charged $5 each to defray the cost of supplies.


BY-LAWS: The Board recommended changes that will be included in the next

newsletter. One more change has been added - that all Board positions be

designated as specific year(s) terms. All members will be encouraged to

vote on the proposal at the February annual meeting.


PROFESSIONAL MEETING: Additional plans for Nancy Zimmelman's visit were made.

     Andrew will pick her up at the airport on Sept. 8, tour her around, and take her to Honolulu Community College to meet with Linda in the late afternoon. (Linda will host Nancy at her home.) Linda will inquire about a parking pass for Andrew.

     Laura Gerwitz will pick Nancy up at Linda's and taker her to the Western Archives Institute dinner on the 8th.



WORKSHOP: Judy has a list of suggested supplies for the Lanai

archives workshop.

VENDORS: At the SAA annual meeting, Jim talked to a Metal Edge

representative who expressed interest in being at the AHA annual meeting.

Jim will ask Helen to send the rep all the information about our meeting.

PROGRAM: Jim will start an email discussion about the program. Dr. Rebecca Knuth, with the UHM library program, offered to make a presentation on destruction of archives and libraries.


NEW BUSINESS: Judy suggested that all AHA members read and consider

responding as individuals to Bishop Museum's document on its status as a repository for Native Hawaiian materials in regard to NAGPRA, the Native  American Graves Preservation and Repatriation Act. The document is on the museum's web site: www.bishopmuseum.org/NAGPRA guidlines.html [note that  there is no "e" in the first part of the word "guidlines" in the URL].

Ellen will send this information to the listserv.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:00pm


Respectfully submitted, Ellen Chapman, Secretary


Next Meeting: Tuesday, September 28, 2004, 5:30pm