Present: Jim Cartwright, Ellen Chapman, Judy Kearney, Leilani Pyle, Helen Wong Smith, Andrew Wertheimer

Absent: Pat Ogburn, Linda Soma

Jim called the meeting to order at 5:45pm

MISSION HOUSES TOUR: We agreed that the Mission Houses event was a success. Especially impressive was the archives vault.


SUMMER SOCIAL: Sunday, July 25. Details and map were in the last

newsletter and are posted on our web site.

WORKSHOP: Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii asked that our workshop on caring for and arranging papers and photographs be postponed. Jim, Helen and Andrew will be the principal presenters and decided that early October would be best for their schedules. It will probably start at 8:30 or 9:00

and last about four hours. Before the workshop, JCCH will send us photocopies of some of the material they are concerned with so that we can incorporate them into our presentation. Helen will bring sample archival supplies. Jim will check with JCCH to see if agreement has been reached on whether or not we will charge a fee.


FALL PROFESSIONAL MEEETING: Arrangements for speaker Nancy Zimmelman have been made.


Sept 8:  Zimmelman arrives, dinner with members of the Western Archives Institute

Sept 9:  Circle-Island tour, arranged by Helen; 50% paid by AHA

Sept 10: Dinner with AHA at Willows buffet, 6:00pm; we need minimum of 20 people for a semi-private room; Helen will inquire about the cost per person and the maximum number the room will hold. Members and guests are will pay for their own meals; AHA will pay for Ms. Zimmelman's.


Sept 11: Zimmelman presentation; Hawaii Medical Library room will hold 20 people max; if more will come, we will consider Hamilton Library Archives reading room; pros and cons of these venues were discussed.  Helen will ask Zimmelman for the title of her presentation. Ellen will send a message to AHA members asking them to indicate probable attendance at the dinner and the presentation. Based on that, we will decide on the venue. Members' guests will be welcome at both events; there will be a $5 fee for guests attending the program on the 11th.


LATE FALL EVENT: We discussed whether or not to have another event in the fall and ended up deciding that the Holiday Social should be connected to Halloween. Everyone would come dressed as a favorite "problem patron." It would be a potluck supper on Oct. 30 at Oahu Cemetery and start at 4:00pm.  Jim will confer with Pat about making the arrangements. Further discussion at the August meeting.



HOTEL: Helen has the Hotel Lanai reservation form that will be duplicated for the mailing. Individuals will make their own reservations:

for the first night they are due no later than August 19; for the second night, January 19. Anyone staying elsewhere than the Hotel Lanai will be responsible for showing up at announced times for transportation to the activities.


REGISTRATION/LOGISTICS: Helen will create a form for conference registration and other fees (vehicles, gas, honoraria and lei for speakers, dinner, lunches). The forms will be put on the web site. On the second night, dinner is up to each person. Vehicles will be rented at the airport and will be scheduled for departure based on the airline schedule.


STUDENT PRESENTATIONS: We discussed subsidizing a library school student to give a paper on an archives topic at the conference. One suggetion was to conduct a fundraiser for the subsidy, possibly a workshop in Honolulu in October or November on caring for personal papers and photographs. Andrew will ask students if anyone is interested.


PROGRAM: There was a discussion about the activities we could schedule for the annual meeting. One suggestion we tentatively agreed on

was to hold a free workshop for Lanai residents on caring for personal papers and photographs. Helen will find out if the Lanai Public Library or the community center has an appropriate venue.


STATE REGISTRATION OF AHA: Every year AHA must register as an active organization with the State of Hawaii's Dept. of Commerce and Consumer

Affairs. Ellen will fill out the form Jim had and send it in with the $5 check Helen wrote.


NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, July 27, 2004, 5:30pm. We decided to go out for dinner after the July meeting, place to be decided later.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:45pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Ellen Chapman, Secretary