Present: Jim Cartwright, Ellen Chapman, Judy Kearny, Pat Ogburn, Leilani Pyle, Helen Wong Smith, Linda Soma, Andrew Wertheimer


Jim called the meeting to order at 5:40. Minutes of the April meeting were approved as corrected.


MISSION HOUSES TOUR: Fifteen people have signed up for the tour of the library and archives, and one for the extended tour of the Houses themselves. Thirteen people have signed up for lunch at the Honolulu Academy of Arts at 12:45. Ellen made lunch reservations earlier, so will call to expand the reservations to 15 in case one or two more want to lunch. Helen suggested a lei for Kanani; we all agreed and Pat will get one.



SPRING: Earlier we decided to co-sponsor the ALA student chapter presentation (relating to archives). Andrew reported that our financial support is now not needed.


FALL: Helen has finalized the arrangements for Nancy Kimmelman to come to Honolulu for the AHA event. She will arrive on Sept. 9, be feted by AHA on the 10th, and give her presentation on the 11th. Linda will host her and Helen will arrange for a Circle-Island tour. Since she cannot

accept an honorarium, AHA will pay her expenses. Based on the airfare Ms. Kimmelman secured and likely incidental expenses, Helen proposed we reimburse her $500. We agreed. We discussed likely venues for the presentation; Andrew will inquire about using an LIS room and Helen will investigate the other possibilities. When all the details are worked out, the information will be posted on the web site.


SUMMER SOCIAL: July 25 at Mary Judd's. Andrew will post details and map on the web site.


ANNUAL MEETING: After discussing the pros, cons, and previous attempts to hold the meeting on Lanai, we decided that Lanai would be the venue for 2005.


LODGING: We discussed Hotel Lanai's 2-night-minimum requirement and voted to go ahead with it as the official location. Each person will make his/her own reservations before an early minimum; after that date,

the hotel will be free to book non-AHA guests along with AHA members. People who want to stay at another hotel will be responsible for getting to the starting/meeting points for the activities. We heartily thanked Helen for all her work in getting the information and working with the

hotel for the group accommodation.


ACTIVITIES: We agreed to present a workshop on preserving family papers and photographs on Lanai, charging a small fee. We could use this fee to partially subsidize a presentation by an LIS student who otherwise could not afford to attend.


BY-LAWS: Nothing to report yet, but revision recommendations are underway.


DIRECTORY OF ARCHIVAL REPOSITORIES: Thanks to Andrew, the directory is now on the web site, with hot links.

ORAL HISTORY: We will put out a call for a proposal to collect oral histories of long-time


AHA members. Submissions will go to the P.O. Box.


NEWSLETTER: Judy will write a description of the 2003 Maunakea visit for posting on the web site.


MEETING DATES/TIMES: We will continue to meet on the fourth Tuesday of each month and we settled on 5:30pm as the starting time. Jim will make arrangement for parking passes for the June through September meetings. The dates from June through December are: June 22, July 27, August 24, September 28, October 26  (HLA is Oct. 23-24), November 23  (Thanksgiving is Nov. 25), December 28