AHA BOARD MINUTES, April 26, 2004


Present: Jim Cartwright, Ellen Chapman, Judy Kearney, Pat Ogburn, Leilani

Pyle, Helen Wong Smith, Linda Soma, Andrew Wertheimer


Jim called the meeting to order at 5:40. Draft 2 minutes of the March

meeting were accepted.




SPRING: Andrew said that the ALA student chapter has not worked on this yet. Valerie Coleman's end-of-program presentation is still scheduled for the middle of a workday, which will be inconvenient for most AHA members. We agreed to co-sponsor the event and contribute $25 and Jim or Pat will attend as AHA representative. A tour of 'Iolani Palace is still of interest; Andrew will follow up.


FALL: Helen reported that Nancy Zimmelman, archivist of the Robert F. Kennedy Collection at the California State Archives, has agreed to speak. We decided on Sept. 11, with Ms. Zimmelman arriving a couple of days ahead of that date. She cannot accept an honorarium but we will pay for her airfare, lodging and meals. Helen will email the membership asking if anyone can host her.


SOCIALS: The summer social will be at Mary Judd's house on Sunday, July 25, starting about 11:00. AHA will supply drinks and lei for Mary and her family; everyone else will contribute to the potluck meal. Judy will include information about this and a map to the house in the next newsletter.



DATES: The annual meeting will be on Lanai, Saturday and Sunday, February 19-20, 2005, the Presidents Day weekend (the holiday is observed on Monday, Feb. 21).

LODGING: There was discussion of lodging options. Leilani will gather information about Castle & Cooke Resort's Social Hall (can sleep 14) and Helen will inquire about the Hotel Lanai.

TRANSPORTATION: Helen will find out about air transportation times and costs. Leilani will find out about ferries from Maui. For transportation on Lanai we will need several Jeeps, or 4-wheel drive vehicles, at $129 per day for two days.

ACTIVITIES: Possible activities include visiting the Luahiwa petroglyphs and a small museum with archives; Leilani, Helen and Linda will draw up plans for this. Andrew said that HLA and HASL are trying to encourage UH library students to participate in the profession by inviting students to  submit papers, the best of which will be presented at a conference. We agreed to try this for AHA if there is time in the program and space in the facilities to accommodate such an activity. If not, we could schedule it for a brown-bag event later.


BYLAWS: Jim and Judy have drafted changes and plan to put them to a vote at the February 2005 annual meeting. Members must have copies of the proposed changes 30 days before the vote.


NEWSLETTER: Judy will include a summary of last year's Maunakea trip and information about the summer social, including a map to the Judd house. We decided the newsletter should be distributed no later than May 7, via email to most members, and via regular mail for those without email.



NON-PROFITS: The Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce has asked for AHA assistance. We tentatively decided on July 17 for a half-day  workshop at HJCC; Jim will confer with HJCC. Helen will prepare a notice and place it in appropriate venues (newspaper, radio stations, mailings to organizations)

FOR-PROFITS: We will not provide workshops, but will refer requesters to the list of AHA consultants on the web site.


DIRECTORY OF REPOSITORIES: Andrew reported that on the web site he has provided links to the Hawaii Historical Society and other organizations. The web site will serve in place of a printed directory.



ORAL HISTORIES OF LONG-TIME AHA MEMBERS: We will place a call to members in the newsletter, asking for someone to submit a proposal for organizing a project to interview and record long-time AHA members' recollections of the organization's early days. The proposal would outline: needs for grants and equipment; guidelines for procedures and questions; finding and training qualified volunteer interviewers; and identifying those to be interviewed. The proposal is to be submitted to Jim for review by the Board.


"LASTING IMPRESSIONS" EXHIBIT, MISSION HOUSES: Kanani Reppun invited AHA  members to visit this exhibit on a Saturday for a behind-the-scenes tour. We decided late May or early June would be best. Jim will contact Kanani for more information, including whether or not there is a fee. When all is arranged, a notice will be put in the newsletter.


NOMINATION OF NEW U.S. ARCHIVIST: Pat presented information on the controversy over Pres. Bush's nomination of a new U.S. Archivist. After a discussion, we asked Jim to draft letters on behalf of AHA to send to Senators Inouye and Akaka, the chair and ranking member of the U.S. Senate's Governmental Affairs Committee, SAA, and NCH.


UH LIS GRADUATION: Andrew announced that there will be a dinner on May 8 celebrating the graduation of the latest class of the UH Library and Information Science Program. Each grad will get a packet of information about professional organizations and opportunities. We decided to provide for the packets a membership application with information about AHA. Andrew will use the existing membership form and draft the text about AHA. AHA FLYER: The item above prompted us to discuss the need for a general AHA flyer to distribute, on spec or in response to requests for information. It would include a membership application and a description

of AHA and its programs. Helen will prepare a draft for us.


SIGNATURES ON CHECKS: Jim said that two people should sign each AHA check, as is standard practice in most organizations. Helen will arrange for the President, Vice-president, and Treasurer to sign signature cards, so that any two of them will be able to sign a check.


MAHALO: Jim thanked the board members for all their work.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:00


Respectfully submitted,

Ellen Chapman, Secretary


*****Next Meeting: Tuesday, May 25, 2004, 5:30pm

  Archives Reading Room, Hamilton Library Addition, 5th floor


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