AHA Board - Minutes, Draft 2


Board Meeting

March 23, 2004


Venue: Archives Reading Room, Hamilton Library, UH Manoa

PRESENT: Jim Cartwright, Ellen Chapman, Judy Kearney, Pat Ogburn, Helen Wong Smith, Andrew Wertheimer

ABSENT: Leilani Pyle (ill), Linda Soma


MEETING CALLED TO ORDER by Cartwright at 5:35pm


After the meeting we are all to look at material handed over from the previous Board and take whatever is appropriate for our duties; the rest will be sent to BYU-H for the AHA archives.-

    SAA elections are coming soon. If you haven't received your ballot yet, contact Lee Gonzalez at: lgonzalez@archivists.org or 1-312-922-0140.

You should be receiving your SAA archivist survey form soon; if you haven't received it by April 30, contact SAA from the website <www.archivists.org>.


MINUTES from the February meeting were approved as corrected.


ANNUAL MEETING: Pat will send information she has on planning for a Lanai venue to annual meeting organizers Linda Soma and Kylee Kurita. Helen will let Linda know about a possible speaker. Andrew brought up the subject of

subsidizing student attendees in some way in order to encourage more participation. After a discussion of the pros and cons of subsidies for students and professionals and AHA's costs Helen volunteered to investigate the possibility of getting grants for subsidies.


PROFESSIONAL MEETINGS: Andrew reported that one of his students is investigating a joint AHA/HLA Student Chapter visit to 'Iolani Palace. Helen suggested that Agnes Conrad be involved because of her wide knowledge of the Palace. We discussed how many professional meetings to have, getting speakers from the mainland and how to financially support

them, and the length of time between these meetings. Andrew asked that members recommending specific speakers make the first contact, then refer the people to him. Helen offered to ask Nancy Zimmelman, archivist of the Robert F. Kennedy Collection at the California State Archives to be a guest lecturer.

SUMMER SOCIAL: Mary Judd has volunteered her home as the site; Pat will talk to her about this.


BY-LAWS: Judy and Jim will draft changes for the Board to discuss.


NEWSLETTER: We discussed many aspects of the newsletter and tentatively decided:

- 3 issues per year (March/April, September, November/December)

- compose in MS Word

- distribute via email and web site; printed copies mailed to those without Internet access.

- include summary of Annual Meeting in March/April issue

- include in all issues, excerpts or summaries of professional meetings, publications, etc.



Web Site: Andrew passed around pages printed from the web site for us to review; send suggestions for revisions to him wertheim@hawaii.edu.


Training for Local Organizations: We discussed creating a program that could be used by members in response to requests from local organizations wanting to learn about archives. We generally agreed that we needed two programs, one for people interested in preserving family papers and artifacts, and another aimed at archives of businesses and organizations. We talked about duration of the programs, fees, and soliciting supplies from vendors. Our policy on this would be posted on the web site along with a list of names and contact information of members who are consultants. Judy will put a notice in the next newsletter asking interested consultants to notify her for inclusion on this list.


Directory of Repositories: Judy asked if the directory of archival and historical repositories should be updated (last published in 1999). We tentatively agreed that posting links on the web site would be more economical and more easily updated than a printed directory. A suggestion

was made that we place a request in "calendar" sections of appropriate newspapers that new repositories contact us if they want to be included and existing ones supply us with new information.


Oral Histories of Long-Time AHA Members: We would like to gather oral histories from long-time AHA members. We discussed possible interviewees, using volunteers vs. experienced interviewers, and other details. Helen was asked to write a proposal.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:00pm

After the meeting, we took what we needed of the materials from the previous board, including AHA letterhead stationery. Helen took the draft of the 2004 AHA member directory and will arrange for printing and distribution.


NEXT MEETING: April 27, 2004, 5:15pm, Archives Reading Room, Hamilton Library, UHM