AHA Board of Directors:

Director/President (2009-11):
Maja Clark
(Collections Manager, Shangri La, Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art)

Director/President-elect (2010-12):
DeSoto Brownmailto:mclark@ddcf.org
(Archivist, Bishop Museum)

Director/Secretary (2010-12):
Ellen Chapman
(Certified Archivist)

Director/Treasurer (2010-12):
Rae C. Shiraki

(Archivist-Librarian, ILWU Local 142)

Director (2009-11):
Stuart W. H. Ching
(Provincial Archivist for the Fathers of the Sacred Hearts)

Director (2009-11):
Stuart V. Dawrs

(Pacific Specialist Librarian, Pacific Collection, UH-Manoa Library)

Director (2010-11):
Annie Thomas

(Librarian, Hawai'i State Library, Hawai'i and Pacific Section)

Director (2010-12):
Dainan Skeem
(Archivist, Hawai'i State Archives)





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