Annual Meeting
Association of Hawai‘i Archivists
Sunday, 20 February 2005
Held at Pele’s Other Garden Restaurant, Lana‘i City


Elections: Elections Committee Chair, Judy Kearney, asked if any members present had not voted. She passed out ballots to the members who so indicated and then collected the ballots. She retired to count to the ballots and announced the results later in the meeting.

Treasurer’s Report: Helen Wong Smith gave the Treasurer’s report of the year 2004.Barbara Dunn moved we accept the report; Kanani Reppun seconded the motion. Membership accepted the report unanimously. Report is attached.

President’s Report: James Cartwright gave his report of the progress of the year. He also introduced and thanked the board members for their work during the year. He asked the members to offer a special thanks to Helen Smith for her exceptional work in planning the conference. Report is attached.

Elections: Judy Kearney announced that the bylaws revision had been approved; that James Cartwright had been elected president; Kanani Reppun had been elected Vice President/President Elect; and Barbara Dunn, Laura Gerwitz, and Leilani Pyle had been elected to the Board of Directors.


Judy Kearney gave an account of the efforts being spearheaded by the Museum Studies program within American Studies Dept. at UH M∼noa to have museums, archives, libraries, make disaster plans and form an ongoing group to assist each other in finding needed resources.

Andrew Wertheimer shared that he will be offering the Introduction to Archives course this summer, and asked members to spread the word.

James Cartwright asked the new board to meet at Henry Clay’s Restaurant in to back patio area afterwards.