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LIS 615

LIS 615: Collection Management

Andrew B. Wertheimer, Ph.D.
TUESDAYS: 7:00 - 9.40 PM in Kuykendall Hall + via [HITS]

Spring 2007 Course Homepage

News: Outreach College decided to combine all neighboring islanders to one CRN Number. The office will track which island the student is from. The LIS 615 CRN number is 3621 for Neighbor Islanders. The LIS 615 CRN number is 85209 for students taking the class in Manoa. Thanks to Gail Morimoto for the update!

Textbooks. Students should purchase one of the following:

a) (those in the school library media center track should get: Phyllis J. Van Orden, Kay Bishop, The Collection Program in Schools: Concepts, Practices, and Information Sources. 3d ed. (Greenwood, CO:  Libraries Unlimited, 2001) (384 pp.). Paperback ISBN 1-56308-804-5.

b) (All other students should purchase: Edward G. Evans, Developing Library and Information Center Collections. 5th ed.  (Englewood, CO:  Libraries Unlimited, 2005) (472 pp.). Paperback ISBN 1591582199.

Both are available at the University Bookstore.

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