Assignment Instructions

  1. Edit, compile, and run the following program on the UH UNIX shell:
    1. Use at least five (5) of the functions in this lesson's slides in your program to write a program that you find interesting.
    2. Use any five functions that you wish.
    3. For example, calculate:
      1. a mortgage payment to determine your monthy payments on a home,
      2. and/or the escape velocity from a moon, planet, and/or star,
      3. and/or compound interest to determine how much your money grows after so many years,
      4. and/or the sides and/or angles of a triangle,
      5. and/or random numbers to simulate flipping a coin, or a card game, or lottery, ...
      6. and/or something else you find interesting.
    4. Otherwise, your coding is up to you.
    5. Please be clear with your comments and instructions to the user, so I can understand what you're doing in your program.
    6. If you wish, you can ask the user to enter numbers for input into your program.
    7. Email your makefile and C program to the instructor.

Example I/O

This is up to you.

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