Assignment Instructions

1. Install SSH on your home computer (if you have a PC), or install Fugu on your home computer (if you have a Mac).
2. Try out all the Linux commands on the Basic Linux Commands webpage.
3. Type the following command in Linux: history > LastNameFirstName02.txt.
4. The history command and the > (greater than) operator will add all of the commands that your typed into the file.
5. Use vi to edit your LastNameFirstName02.txt file, by typing the following on three separate lines at the top of the file: your name, ICS 212 Assignment #2, and date.
6. The rest of the file should have the commands that your typed on the commmand line.
7. Use SSH (or Fugu) to drag (transfer) the file from your UH ITS Linux account to your computer.
8. Attach the file to your assignment submission email (and copy and paste the contents of the file into the body of your email).
9. REMINDER: The body of your email AND the LastNameFirstName02.txt will have your name, ICS 212 Assignment #2, the date, and a list of all the commands that your typed into the command line.

Example Output

Below is an example AlbrittonWilliam02.txt file. You will have more commands than these in your file, different folders, different file names, etc. Your output will be similar, but not the same.

William Albritton
ICS 212 Assignment #2 
August 22, 2017

    1  ls
    2  ls -l
    3  ls -a
    4  ls -a -l
    5  ls *.c
    6  ls ??.c
    7  dir
    8  clear
    9  history
   10  vi aloha.c
   11  mkdir temp
   12  cp aloha.c z
   13  ls
   14  rm z
   15  ls
   16  rmdir temp/
   17  ls
   18  cp aloha.c z
   19  ls
   20  mv z zzz
   21  ls
   22  cd public_html/ics212/examples
   23  cat aloha.c
   24  more aloha.c
   25  less aloha.c
   26  pwd
   27  man ls
   28  cd
   29  ls > z.txt
   30  more z.txt 
   31  cd public_html/ics212/assignments
   32  history > AlbrittonWilliam02.txt