Computer Athlete Training Tips

"No sort of exercise is so helpful or harmless that it does not cause serious disorders, that is, when overdone."
- Bernardino Ramazzini (1633-1714), Founder of Occupational Medicine

  1. Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) risk factors
    1. Over 2 hours of keyboard use a day
    2. Marathon keyboard use (deadlines, video games)
    3. High stress work
    4. Sitting for a long time
    5. Poor posture
  2. RSI symptoms (in neck, shoulders, back, arms, or hands)
    1. Tightness
    2. General soreness
    3. Dull ache
    4. Numbness
    5. Loss of strength
  3. How to avoid RSI
    1. Avoid long sessions & take frequent breaks
    2. Proper position (back straight, head over shoulders, elbows at right angle, wrists straight, fingers curved)
    3. Type lightly
    4. Get plenty of rest & sleep (wake up early & go to sleep early)
    5. Drink plenty of water
    6. Invest in ergonomic devices for your computer
    7. Avoid playing computer games during the school semester
    8. Go outside and get some exercise!
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  5. Related books
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