DMED 120: Netprep Web Development

Instructor:William McDaniel Albritton
Office Hours:TR 9:30am-10:30am and 1:15-2:15pm
Office Location: DA 211
Contact:(808) 455-0319 (walbritt AT

SLO #1SLO #2SLO #3Final Project

SLO #1: Publish web pages on the World Wide Web.
Class Dates Topics Readings Slides Assignments Due Dates Examples & Resources
Jan 14 Introduction to the Class Syllabus   Optional Assignment 1 Jan 16 at 12 noon Student assignments
William's home page
Laulima Login
UH gmail
Computer Labs
Learning Resource Center
Training Tips
Recycling Computers
Textbook web site
Textbook II web site
Jan 16 Publishing on the WWW Chapter 1 (Unit A) lecture1.ppt Assignment 1 Jan 21 at 12 noon Firefox Download
Managing UH Username
SSH Instructions
Fugu Instructions
SLO #2: Structure web pages using HTML.
Class Dates Topics Readings Slides Assignments Due Dates Examples & Resources
Jan 21 Editing Web Pages Chapter 2 (Unit B) lecture2.ppt Assignment 2 Jan 23 at 12 noon ASCII
Visual Web Developer
Taco HTML Edit
Jan 23 HTML Basics Chapter 2 (Unit B) lecture3.ppt Assignment 3 Jan 28 at 12 noon W3C
Tim Berners-Lee
HTML5 Reference
Jan 28 HTML Structure Chapter 2 (Unit B) lecture4.ppt Assignment 4 Jan 30 at 12 noon structure.htm
Character Entity References
More Examples
ʻOkina Unicode Code
Kahakō Unicode Codes
Jan 30 Images Chapter 6 (Unit F) lecture5.ppt Assignment 5 Feb 4 at 12 noon napali1200.jpg
CC Image Search
Copyright & Fair Use
Feb 4 External & Internal Links Chapter 3 (Unit E) lecture6.ppt Assignment 6 Feb 6 at 12 noon url.htm
Feb 6 Favicons and Links & Images Chapter 6 (Unit F) lecture7.ppt Assignment 7 Feb 11 at 12 noon Favicon Information
Feb 11 Image Maps   lecture8.ppt Assignment 8 Feb 13 at 12 noon map.htm
SLO #3: Format web pages using CSS.
Class Dates Topics Readings Slides Assignments Due Dates Examples & Resources
Feb 13 CSS Basics Chapter 5 (Unit C) lecture9.ppt Assignment 9 Feb 18 at 12 noon colors.htm colors.css
assignment.htm assignment.css
17 Colors
Feb 18 CSS Selectors Chapter 5 (Unit C) lecture10.ppt Assignment 10 Feb 20 at 12 noon rgb.htm rgb.css
Hexadecimal Colors
Color Check
nesting.htm nesting.css
links.htm links.css
Feb 20 CSS Selectors II Chapter 5 (Unit C) lecture11.ppt Assignment 11 Feb 25 at 12 noon id.htm id.css
class.htm class.css
div.htm div.css
span.htm span.css
Feb 25 CSS Formatting Chapter 7 (Unit D) lecture12.ppt  Assignment 12 Mar 4 at 12 noon fonts.htm fonts.css
italics.htm italics.css
size.htm size.css
height.htm height.css
align.htm align.css
Color Check
Feb 27 Catch up day          
Mar 4 CSS Formatting II Chapter 7 (Unit D) lecture13.ppt  Assignment 13 Mar 6 at 12 noon spacing.htm spacing.css
blanks.htm blanks.css
case.htm case.css
decorating.htm decorating.css
Mar 6 Structure, Elements, and Content Chapter 8 (Unit F) lecture14.ppt  Assignment 14 Mar 11 at 12 noon image.htm image.css
body.htm body.css
background.htm background.css
width.htm width.css
max.htm max.css
Mar 11 Padding, Borders and Margins Chapter 8 (Unit H) lecture15.ppt Assignment 15 Mar 13 at 12 noon padding.htm padding.css
borders.htm borders.css
margin.htm margin.css
specific.htm specific.css
auto.htm auto.css
Mar 13 Positioning I Chapter 8 (Unit H) lecture16.ppt Assignment 16 Mar 18 at 12 noon relative.htm relative.css
absolute.htm absolute.css
fixed.htm fixed.css
sides.htm sides.css
position.htm position.css
ancestor.htm ancestor.css
all3.htm all3.css
compare.htm compare.css
all4.htm all4.css
Mar 18 Positioning II Chapter 8 (Unit H) lecture17.ppt Assignment 17 Mar 20 at 12 noon float.htm float.css
clear.htm clear.css
text.htm text.css
z-index.htm z-index.css
layers.htm layers.css
overflow.htm overflow.css
alignment.htm alignment.css
stretch.htm stretch.css
March 21 last day to withdraw from a class with a "W" grade Withdrawing from a Class
Mar 20 Lists Chapter 2 (Unit G) lecture18.ppt Assignment 18 Apr 1 at 12 noon list.htm
numbering.htm numbering.css
unordered.htm unordered.css
nested.htm nested.css
mix.htm mix.css
Apr 1 Tables Chapter 9 (Unit G) lecture19.ppt Assignment 19 Apr 3 at 12 noon simple.htm simple.css
visible.htm visible.css
borders.htm borders.css
center.htm center.css
space.htm space.css
Apr 3 Tables II Chapter 9 (Unit G) lecture20.ppt Assignment 20 Apr 8 at 12 noon adjust.htm adjust.css
width2.htm width2.css
align2.htm align2.css
caption.htm caption.css
colgroup.htm colgroup.css
one.htm one.css
back.htm back.css
thead.htm thead.css
all.htm all.css
Apr 8 Multimedia Chapter 11 lecture21.ppt Assignment 21 Apr 10 at 12 noon mytube.htm mytube.css
Google maps
maps.htm maps.css
Apr 10 Javascript   lecture22.ppt Assignment 22 Apr 15 at 12 noon script1.htm script1.css
script2.htm script2.css
Date() tutorial
Date() tutorial II
Final Project
Class Dates Topics Readings Slides Assignments Due Dates Examples & Resources
Apr 15, 17, 22, 24, 29, May 1 Work on Final Project     Final Project in class eCAFE Course and Faculty Evaluation
College Computing Labs Survey
What Skills Do I Need to Get Hired?
Tuesday, May 6 Presentation of Final Project       in class  
Thursday, May 15 Presentation of Final Project (backup date)       12:15-2:15pm  

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