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Vietnamese Student Association

at the University of Hawaii at Manoa

Constitution of the Vietnamese Student Association in Hawaii
University of Hawaii at Manoa

Article I


The official name of the organization shall be the Vietnamese Student Association of Hawaii, University of Hawaii , Manoa , ( VSAH).


Article II


The mission of VSAH is to promote activities benefiting Vietnamese students at UHM, and, to build a network among VSAH alumni, and to promote community and student awareness of Vietnamese culture. Further VSAH aims to foster interaction and partnerships with Vietnamese student associations of other universities and the Vietnamese American community in Hawaii .


Article III


Any person who supports the mission of VSAH may become a member by completing the application process and paying the dues as specified in the Bylaws. All members in good standing as specified in the Bylaws have the right to vote and to hold office.


Article IV

Executive Board


Composition and Terms:

Officers of the Executive Board and their terms are specified in the Bylaws.



The Executive Board shall be the chief policy and decision-making body of the VSAH, subject to review by the membership. It shall establish programs and activities, budgets and take necessary actions to accomplish the VSAH mission and goals.


All actions of the Executive Board must be consistent with the VSAH Constitution and Bylaws.


Article V


The duties of the Advisor(s) are to provide guidance and assistance to the Executive Board concerning.


The long-term development and growth of VSAH


Major events sponsored by VSAH


Article VI

Elections and Nominations

The Procedures for nomination and elections are specified in the Bylaws.


Article VII



Regular Meetings:

General meetings of the organization shall be held at least once every three months.


Special Meetings:

Special meetings may be called at any time by the Executive Board. A concerted effort must be made by the Board to ensure that all members are aware of these meetings.


Article VIII


Revisions to the VSAH Constitution and Bylaws must be proposed through the Executive Board and approved by two-thirds of the members in a general meeting.



Bylaws of the Vietnamese Student Association in Hawaii
University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu

I. Membership


Application for Membership:

 Individuals interested in becoming a Member should submit a completed application form and pay membership dues specified in the Bylaws. An annual membership fee is $30.


Right to Vote:

Members must attend at least one meeting during the year before obtaining the right to vote.


Right to Hold Office:

Members must fulfill the following qualifications in order to run for the position of officers:


Be a member in good standing for at least three months.


Have regularly attended meetings.


Expected to be a student at UHM for one academic year.


Honorary Members:

Individuals who have committed their time and energy in furthering the VSAH mission may be awarded Honorary Membership.


Friends of VSAH:

Non-members who contribute to VSAH should be acknowledged as "Friends of VSAH" and so designated in printed materials.



II. Terms


Program Year:

The program year for VSAH runs from May 15 to May 14 of the next calendar year.



The membership begins on May 15 and ends on May 14 of the next calendar year.


Terms of Executive Board:

Terms of all officers shall begin on May 15 and end on May 14 of the next calendar year.



III. Executive Board



The Executive Board shall elect a President and two Vice-presidents from among themselves at a meeting in May. The Board shall appoint a Treasurer, a Webmaster, and committee or activity chairpersons.  The officers and chairpersons and appointed officers will serve until May 14 of the calendar year. Appointed officers and chairpersons serve at the pleasure of the Executive Board.


Duties of Officers.


President shall:


Provide overall leadership to the organization, setting overall goals for the year.


Organize and schedule meetings and oversee all activities and projects of the VSAH.


Serve as spokesperson and representative for VSAH at all external events.


Call and preside at the Executive Board meetings and General Membership Meetings.


Vice-President shall


Support and assist the President.


Take over the duties of President if the President's position becomes vacant, of if the President is unable to.


Treasurer shall


Authorize disbursement of VSAH funds, in accordance with the approved budget and program plan.


Prepare an annual budget, reflecting the program for the year, subject to approval of the Executive Board.  Provide regular financial updates to the Executive Board, as requested.


Be responsible for accounts payable and receivable and financial record keeping.


Prepare an annual financial report by the final meeting of each program year .




Maintain and update the VSAH web site.


Prepare and post flyers of meetings and events.



IV. Election of Executive Board


Time of Election:

Election for the Executive Board will be held annually in May.


Call for Election:

The outgoing President will call for the election and should allow a reasonable amount of time for notification of the membership.


Candidacy Declaration:

All members of the VSAH are eligible to run for the Executive Board. They can nominate themselves or be nominated by another VSAH  member .  Nominations must be submitted to the Executive Board by the specified deadline.


Method of Election:

The election is conducted by paper ballot, each member has three votes to cast but a candidate cannot get more than one vote from each member.



V. Committees

Special committees of VSAH may be established by the Executive Board, such as Election Committee, Membership Committee, Events Committee, etc.


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