Dr. Violet Harada

 Professor Emeritus

 Address: 2550 The Mall, Room LIS 2F, Honolulu, Hawaii 96822

 Phone: (808) 956-5814
 Fax: (808) 956-5835

Working as a librarian and as an administrator in lower education and then as a teacher and researcher in a university graduate program, I developed a fresh appreciation for both worlds. Through the years, I have maintained close ties with field practitioners and always strived to involve them in the research and scholarship of our profession. By challenging myself to place ideas in larger contexts, I have also shared the excitement of my own learning with both students and colleagues and invited them to join me in a free exchange of ideas. My goals continue to be:

  • Preparing our LIS candidates to be dynamic school librarians in 21st century schools; and
  • Promoting learning in P-20 settings that guide young learners to be responsible, critical, and caring thinkers, consumers of information, and creators of knowledge and ideas.