Victoria B. Anderson

Associate Professor of Linguistics

Associated Faculty, Cognitive Science at the University of Hawai`i

Associated Faculty, Center for Philippine Studies, University of Hawai`i


University of Hawai`i at Manoa
569 Moore Hall, 1890 East-West Road, Honolulu, HI 96822
808-956-5830; fax: 808-956-9166; vanderso at hawaii dot edu

Principal Research Interests

Phonetics-phonology interface, phonetic and phonological universals, prosody,
intonational typology, Austronesian and Australian languages, endangered languages,
and speech technology.


Field experience

I lived for four years in the Philippines and two years in Malaysia while growing up. My mother is a native speaker of Pangasinan and Tagalog. Though my first language was Pangasinan, I lost that heritage language when my family returned to the United States.

I lived in Alice Springs, Australia for two years doing phonetic fieldwork on Western Arrernte. I have also done research on languages of Oceania (Standard and Ni`ihau Hawaiian, Hawaiian Creole English, Iaai, Tongan); North Asia (Japanese, Korean); Southeast Asia (Palauan, Pangasinan, Tagalog); and another language of Australia (Tiwi).

I have supervised research on Austronesian languages (Amis, Bahasa Indonesia, Cham, Chamorro, Ema, Kadazan-Dusun, Lamaholot, Pingelapese, Pohnpeian, Saipan Carolinian, Satawalese), languages of Mongolia (Kalmyk-Oirat), languages of New Guinea (Makasae, Sentani), and Fukui Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Serbian, and Tibetan.


Professional History

Faculty, UH Department of Linguistics: 2000 - present.
PhD, UCLA: 2000
Senior Scientist, Fonix Corporation: 1998–2000
Consultant, Armando Plata Productions: 1997–1998
Consultant, Intuit: 1996
Consultant, Apple Computer: 1993, 1996 (The Victoria and Vicki voices that ship with Macs are based on my voice.)


Research and teaching laboratories 

Language Analysis and Experimentation Labs (LAE Labs)
Founder and Director: UH Phonetics Lab
Founder, Developer, Past Coordinator: LAE Labs


Teaching at UH

Linguistics 102:   Introduction to the Study of Language
Linguistics 410:   Articulatory Phonetics
Linguistics 611:   Acoustic and Auditory Phonetics
Linguistics 640F:  Intonation
Linguistics 730:   Advanced Laboratory Research
Linguistics 750F:  Seminar in Phonetics/Phonology (topic varies, including):

Effects of Perception on Phonologies
Phonetic Fieldwork on Endangered Languages
Research in Sociophonetics
Intonational Typology   



PhD, Chair:
Elena Indjieva

Diana Stojanovic
Kaori Ueki

PhD, Committee member:
Sang Yee Cheon

Heeyeon Dennison
Yumiko Enyo
Hunter Hatfield
Karen Huang

Hyekyung Hwang
Elena Indjieva
Mi Hyun Kim

In Sung Ko
Tomoko Kozasa
R. Keao NeSmith, Dept of Applied Linguistics, University of Waikato, N.Z.
In Kyu Park
Fabiana Piccolo
Kenji Rutter
Junko Saito

Kanjana Thepboriruk
Joan Wylie
Akiko Yokoyama

MA theses, language documentation portfolios, and undergraduate honors theses:
Frans Albarillo
Giang Anderson

Maria Faehndrich
Amna Fares

Daniel Miller
Fabiana Piccolo
Kevin Roddy
Yohei Sakata
Diana Stojanovic
Joan Wylie


Some Current Projects

Lexical stress without postlexical head-marking in Tagalog
Intonational corpora for Hawaiian, Hawaiian Creole English, Palauan, and Tagalog
Intonational contour discrimination, comprehension, and production in English 
Rhythmic alignment in chanted speech
Phonetics of Western Arrernte



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Anderson, Victoria B. and I. Maddieson (1994). Acoustic Characteristics of Tiwi Coronal Stops. UCLA Working Papers in Phonetics, 87:131-162. [pdf]

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