Information Literacy (IL) Instruction

Information literacy is the ability to recognize the need for information, know where to locate information, and to have the ability to evaluate and effectively use the information gathered. Information literacy is the foundation of life-long learning, enabling learners to take control of their learning environment, to become self-directed scholars who can efficiently navigate through the abundance of information resources, and to make coherent conclusions based on careful evaluation and synthesis.

The UH-West Oʻahu Library’s Information Literacy Program, in accordance with best practices in library instruction as defined by the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL), serves to guide students in becoming information literate individuals. In accordance with the University of Hawai‘i-West Oʻahu goals, the UH-West Oʻahu Library is committed to creating a culture of effectiveness and innovation to ensure student success by creating an “information literate culture” where students gain the skills and abilities necessary to critically assess information resources available to them.

As a service to the University community, the UH-West Oʻahu Library teaches a variety of topics aimed at developing students’ information literacy skills:

  • Library Introduction
    Overview of the Library web site; how resources and services in the University Library are organized; overview of the Library Catalog; and overview of general research databases
  • Resources for Topic Development
    Sessions can vary and are encouraged for ENG 200; library resources emphasized are EBSCO’s Academic Search Premier database and subject encyclopedias
  • Scholarly vs. Non-scholarly Resources
  • Helping students determine what makes a resource scholarly, including both print and online resources
  • Electronic Resources Training
    Searching library research databases and the Internet, and how to evaluate the results of these searches
  • Tailor a library session to meet your specific needs
    Depending on your discipline and/or class assignment(s), we can design a library session that specifically meets your needs

These topics are the most popular taught in library instruction sessions at the University; however, UH-West Oʻahu librarians are eager to collaborate with faculty in order to meet course-specific goals, assignments or requirements.

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To request a Library Instruction Session, please fill out the UHWO Library Instruction Request Form, save it and then attach it in an email to (You will need a recent version of Adobe® Reader in order to view and fill out this form.) Upon receiving the request form, a librarian will contact you.

Library Instruction Sessions should be scheduled at least one week in advance. This allows for the teaching librarian to discuss with the faculty member details about what to include in the session and allows for adequate preparation for the session.

For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Sarah Gilman the librarian at 689-2705.