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The UHWO Libary would like to introduce you to a new search discovery tool for students, faculty and staff from ExLibris that we call OneSearch. All UH campuses are currently in beta-testing OneSearch and will begin phasing in this tool in the next few semesters. The UHWO Library plans for full implementation in Summer 2013.

We thank you for your help in testing OneSearch. Take a moment to review the FAQs and please forward any comments, questions or concerns to our email.

To begin using OneSearch, click here.

What is OneSearch?

OneSearch is a one-stop solution for the discovery and delivery of local and remote resources, such as books, journal articles, and digital objects. OneSearch assists libraries in exposing the richness of their collections and engaging users with an up-to-date discovery and delivery experience.

What am I searching?

The default search choice for "Everything in this catalog" will search all UH library's Hawai‘i Voyager catalog data, plus a huge index of millions of articles. Your results will include books, journal articles, newspaper articles, videos, government documents, maps and much more.

It is a huge discovery tool and you often will get very large result lists. But, you can use the "facets" on the left side of your results screen to refine your search results.

What is included in the "UHWO Books and Media" search?

"UHWO Books and Media" will by default search the UHWO Library's Hawai‘i Voyager catalog data.

What is included in the "UHWO Articles and Ebooks" search?

"UHWO Articles and Ebooks" will search a massive journal index called Primo Central Index, plus journal articles and newspaper articles available through many of UHWO Library's electronic subscriptions. The Primo Central Index is a subscription database of millions of scholarly journal articles, magazine and newspaper articles, ebooks, and legal documents. Quick full text access is available for millions of academic articles if you are signed in to OneSearch.

What does "Available in the Library" (in the Show Only facet category) mean?

Clicking on "Available in the Library" will limit your results to physical books and media owned by UHWO that are currently available, as well as ebooks and digital videos found in the Hawai‘i Voyager catalog.

Are all of UHWO Library's full-text articles in Onesearch?

No. OneSearch does not search all of the library's databases. However, OneSearch is huge and will work well for many assignments. Visit the library's subject guides for more resources when necessary.

How is OneSearch different from the Hawai‘i Voyager library catalog?

OneSearch is a web-scale discovery tool that finds books, articles, maps, audio-visual and more with a single interface. Often times your search results will be very large and have a wide variety of choices. Hawai‘i Voyager is the UH catalog of books, videos, archives, music, and government documents owned by UH system libraries. Remember also that Hawai‘i Voyager does not search for articles.

Where can I find some search tips?

Detailed search tips can be found at the UHWO's OneSearch homepage. Click on the Help link located either at the far right near the top of the page or near the bottom left at the footer.

The book I want is currently checked out. How can I find the due date for its return?

NOTE: UHWO Library is working to resolve this display problem.

What does 'Check library holdings' mean?

OneSearch could not interpret the location information for the item. Click on the 'Locations' tab for more information. If no further information is available, please contact the UHWO Library reference desk at 808-689-2703, via email, or chat us via the left sidebar on our homepage.

How do I request an item that's not available in full text in OneSearch?

Open the "Get This Item" tab and select the link for ILL. Log in (if you are not already logged in) and complete the request form.

What does "sorted by popularity" mean?

Popularity ranking is calculated by OneSearch's click statistics. Rankings are multiplied when a user puts an item in their folder, or requests it with the "Get This Item" feature, or views the full display of a record.

How do I place a hold?

Sign in to OneSearch and use the "Get This Item" feature. Select Hold for items that are not checked out; choose Recall for items that are currently checked out. You cannot place holds on certain library items (for example, non-circulating books in the reference collections). Consult with the UHWO Library reference desk for assistance.

What does the e-Shelf folder mean in the upper right hand corner of the page?

The e-Shelf folder is a place where users store item records and search queries. When you sign in and select your folder, you will be able to view saved items, as well as print, email, and export the records.

Save items to your folder by clicking the grey folder icon just to the left of a title in your results list, or by using the "send to" feature when you are viewing an opened tab for an item. You can save items as a guest user during a single browser session, but you will need to sign in to OneSearch to save items permanently in your account.

Will my OneSearch session time out?

You will be timed out automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Where can I provide comments or ask questions?

For questions or comments, contact us via email.
Questions can also be directed to reference staff in person or via telephone at 808-689-2703. To ask questions via chat, visit our homepage and click on the "Enter Your Name Here" on the left sidebar.

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