Computer Lab Rules

General Rules:

  • The UH West O'ahu Computer Lab is open to UHWO Students, Faculty and Staff only--if asked, you must be ready to show a UHWO ID or you will not be able to use the Computer Lab
  • The UHWO Computer Lab will not be responsible for loss of data, damage, loss of personal items, or personal injury. It is your responsibility to maintain periodic backups of your data
  • There is ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD OR DRINK ALLOWED IN THE LAB--this includes bottled water, and drinks in covered containers. If you bring food or drink into the lab, you may be asked to leave
  • You will be asked to leave if you are using a computer in a manner deemed "inappropriate" (e.g. pornography) or if you are using the computer in a manner that violates the student conduct code (go to for details)
  • DO NOT CHANGE ANY OF THE COMPUTER SETTINGS OR INSTALL ANY SOFTWARE. You will be removed from the Computer Lab immediately if you are caught doing so. Repeat offenders will be banned permanently from using the Computer Lab
  • Please be courteous to other Computer Lab users by NOT using cellular phones in the Computer Lab
  • Please keep the noise to a minimum

Signing In and Out:

  • All lab users must sign in at the front desk BEFORE sitting down
  • By signing in, you agree to all ITS Lab rules and policies. Failure to comply with any of the rules and/or policies will result in immediate removal from the lab. Please refer to the UH IT Policy online at
  • Please sign out when you leave
  • If you are leaving the computer lab for longer than a 10 minute period then please sign out and sign back in when you return. If there are people waiting to use a computer and you have been gone for longer than a ten minute period, you may lose your computer to another user

Printing Policies:

  • Paper is free, but please do not abuse it. If we feel you are wasting paper (e.g. printing things unrelated to school, printing multiple copies, or just plain printing too much), we will ask you to stop printing
  • NO multiple copies. The printers are not copy machines, do not treat them as such. This rule goes for both school-related and school-unrelated printing (e.g. multiple copies of senior project surveys are NOT ALLOWED)
  • PRINT AT YOUR OWN RISK. The lab is not responsible for paper jams, printer errors, etc
  • If you want to print on paper other than the paper provided, please clear it with the Lab Monitor on duty. If we feel that your paper may cause a paper jam, you will not be allowed to use it. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO IT YOURSELF
  • Please do not use your own paper or any type of form feed label, etc.

Saving Your Work:

  • We are not responsible for your data--you are using the Computer Lab computers at your own risk. Save Early and Save Often
  • You must bring your own computer diskette if you are planning to save your work. You may save your work ONLY in the "student folder" on the computer hard drive, but we will not be responsible for data stored on the computer(s). Please remember that other students have access to this folder so you will be saving at your own risk
  • We do not sell supplies (i.e. paper, diskettes, etc.). You may purchase these items from the Leeward Community College Bookstore

Computer Lab Monitor Assistance:

  • Please feel free to seek assistance from on-duty lab monitors in the Computer Lab
  • The lab monitors are primarily responsible for signing users in/out, helping users get a session started/terminated, and maintaining the general appearance of the lab. If you require additional assistance the lab monitors may submit a UHWO IT Help Desk ticket on your behalf and someone will assist you. In the event that a lab monitor is not available to help, you may also send an email to to request assistance
  • The lab monitors are NOT responsible for doing your work for you, nor are they there to tutor you. You are expected to take the time to learn to use the computers effectively. The lab monitors cannot teach each individuals how to do everything, nor are they expected to know all the answers.
  • The lab monitors are there to help you, but please understand that they are only students and cannot be expected to do everything for you

note: These rules are subject to change without notice

These rules & policies comply with the University of Hawai'i ITS Lab Policies

last updated 1/9/2012