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Julius Vea
IT Specialist

UHWO IT Service Center Students
Dane Ross Angela

Current Hardware:

  • Currently the 28 Info Commons computers are Lenovo ThinkCentre All In One Touchscreens with Intel Core i5 3.20 GHz CPU and 6 GB RAM all with DVD+/-RW drives
    • All computers are connected to the campus network and are Internet capable
    • All computers in the Library Info Commons are networked to the Info Commons copy machine. To print, you will need to purchase a copy card. See the Library Staff at the Library Circulation Desk to purchase your card
    • There is an HP ScanJet scanner with document feeder connected to computer #23 in the Info Commons
  • There are 19 computers in the Public Computer Lab in E140. These computers are a mixture of Dell Dimension and Optiplex desktop computers.
    • All 19 computers are conntect to the campus network and are Internet capable
    • These computers are not printer ready. To print, you will need to use the computers available in the Library Info Commons

Current Software:

  • Info Commons
    • Computers in the Info Commons are running Microsoft Windows 7 64 bit Professional
    • All Info Commons computers have Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Installed
    • Other software loaded on the Info Commons computers include:
      • McAfee Virus Scan
      • Real Player
      • Adobe Reader
      • Mozilla FireFox
      • SPSS 20
      • MyIT Lab
  • Public Computer Lab in E140
    • All computers are running Microsoft Windows software. This lab is a mixture of Windows XP Professional and Microsoft Windows Vista Business Edition
    • All computers have Microsoft Office on them. There is a mixture of Office 2003 Professional, Office 2007 Professional and Office 2010 Professional
    • Other software loaded on each computer includes:
      • McAfee Virus Scan
      • Real Player
      • Adobe Reader
      • Mozilla FireFox

History of the UHWO Computer Lab:

  • On August 20, 2012 UH West O Ľahu opened its brand new Kapolei Campus. The computer facilities at the Kapolei Campus changed dramatically with the addition of the Reservation Lab and the Info Commons to the Public Computer Lab. The Info Commons is the hub for all IT Services at the Kapolei Campus. It is located on the 1st floor of the UHWO Library building and houses 28 PC All In One machines for Faculty, Staff and Student use. These computers are IBM Thinkcentre All In Ones complete with 23" touch screens. They all currently run Microsoft Windows 7 Professional and Microsoft Office 2010 Professional. All computers are Internet ready and are capable of printing to the Xerox machine located in the Info Commons. To print, you will need to see the Library staff to purchase a copy card. There is also scanner connected to computer #23.
  • The UHWO Pearl City Campus Computer Lab opened in the 1998 Fall Semester. The original 18 student computers had Pentium II 200MHz processors, with 64 MB of RAM, 8 GB hard drives and 15" CRT monitors. They ran Windows '95 as their operating system with Microsoft Office '95 installed on them. They were purchased from PDCS Systems and were replaced in 2001 by 18 new PDCS systems with 1 GHz processors, 256 MB of RAM, and 20 GB hard drives running Windows 2000 Professional and Microsoft Office 2000 Professional. The original 15" monitors carried over to the new systems and remained until the Fall 2006 semester. In the Fall 2006 semester, computers 19 thru 24 carried over from the 2001 batch of PDCS systems while the front row was replaced with new Dell computers purchased during the Spring 2006 semester and installed in the summer. These computers (nos. 7 thru 12) were Dell Dimension 9150 models with 2.8 GHz. Pentium D processors, 1 GB of RAM, 80 GB hard drives and 17" flat screen monitors. The middle row of the computer lab (nos. 12 thru 18) are older Dell Dimension and Optiplex systems all with 17" flat screen monitors. All these computers ran Microsoft Windows XP Professional w/SP2 and Microsoft Office 2003 Professional. In the Fall 2007 semester, we were finally able to dispose of the last of the PDCS systems and the lab became a mixture of Dell Dimension and Optiplex systems running Windows XP and Vista. The Pearl City Computer Lab closed its doors for good on August 2, 2012 in preparation for the move to the new UHWO Kapolei Campus.


last updated 10/1/2012