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Bachelor of Arts in Dance

The BA degree, with a general emphasis, is designed to provide a broad liberal arts education. Of the 40 credits in the BA, 11 credits are elective, which allows students to focus their studies based on individual goals.

Required Courses:
Music Theory for Dancers (3 credits)
Dance in World Cultures (3 credits)
Movement Fundamentals (1 credit)
Elementary Labanotation or Dance Kinesiology (3 credits)
Improvisation I or Creative Dance for Children (3 credits)
Dance Technique (12 credits) (includes ballet, modern, and 2 different Asian/Pacific forms)
Dance History I or II (3 credits)
Theatre Practicum (1 credit)

BA DANCE  Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the BA degree students should have gained, developed and refined essential knowledge, skills and experiences necessary to successfully reach the following learning outcomes:

Dance Technique SLO:  Kinesthetic proficiency and conceptual understanding of various kinds of dance from diverse geographic regions. 

Performance / Choreography SLO:  Ability to articulate and execute creative intent and development of observation and discussion skills. 

Kinesiology / Laban SLO:  Ability to understand, embody, analyze and communicate structural details of movement.  

History / Distinction in World Cultures SLO:  Understanding theoretical, conceptual and/or historical aspects of dance.  

Teaching SLO:  Knowledge of educational theories and best practices as related to the field of dance education.


Elective Courses in Dance and Related Areas for BA in Dance


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