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Master's in Fine Art Degree (60 credits)

The intent of the MFA degree is to provide advanced training that will enable the graduate to enter a profession emphasizing ballet or modern dance concert performance and related activities. This degree requires a thesis concert involving original choreography and is documented in both written and video/DVD format. The 60 credit plan includes required theory and studio courses as well as elective and thesis credits.

Required Theory Courses:
Laban Movement Analysis (3 credits)
Seminar in Dance Research (3)
Seminar in Theory & Criticism (3)
Advanced Problems in Movement Analysis (3)
Advanced Choreography (3)
Seminar in Teaching Dance (3)

Required Studio Courses:
Intermediate or Advanced Ballet or Modern Technique (6)
Advanced Ballet or Modern Technique (12)
Performance Projects (4)
Directed Choreography (2)
Asia/Pacific Technique (2)

Dance Elective (600-level) (3)
Non-dance Elective (6)
General Elective (1)
Thesis (6)

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MFA DANCE Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the MFA Plan A degree students should have gained, developed and refined essential knowledge, skills and experiences necessary to successfully reach the following learning outcomes: 

1. Kinesthetic proficiency and conceptual understanding of various kinds of dance from diverse geographic regions; 

2. Effective oral and written communication skills that demonstrate critical thinking ability and understanding of dance concepts and related topics;

3. Ability to critically evaluate sources and clearly differentiate between one’s ideas and the ideas of others; 

4.  Knowledge of the meanings, practice, theory, history and production of dance;  the ability to apply, respond, reference, relate and synthesize that knowledge; the ability to draw on this knowledge and prior experience in new settings/contexts; 

5. Familiarity with dance styles from diverse geographic regions;

6. Development of choreographic skills and a personal style that demonstrate original works, knowledge of compositional techniques, choreographic range and effective conceptualization and conveyance of intent; 

7. Ability to define individual goals and choose appropriate pathways to achieve those goals.


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