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MA Thesis - Ethnology Concentration (36 credits)

Required Theory Courses (21 credits)
Seminar in Dance Research (3)
Seminar in Theory & Criticism (3)
Seminar in Dance Ethnology (3)
Regional Dances of Asia or Oceania (3)
Advanced Problems in Movement Analysis (3)
Thesis (6)

Required Studio Courses (3 credits)
Asia/Pacific Technique (3)

Dance Electives (3 credits)
Related Area Electives (6 credits)
General Electives (3 credits)

Language Requirement: students must pass a reading or speaking proficiency exam in a foreign language relevant to their area of research, or must enroll in 4 semesters of a language relevant to their area of thesis research.

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Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the MA Plan A--Dance Ethnology Focus degree students should have gained, developed, and refined essential knowledge, skills, and experiences necessary to successfully reach the following learning outcomes: 

1.  kinesthetic proficiency and conceptual understanding of various kinds of dance from diverse geographic regions, including understanding how dance is embedded in the belief systems of the people who create it, and how dance forms change and why;

2.  effective oral and communication skills that demonstrate critical thinking ability and understanding of scholarly dance research concepts and related topics; 

3.  the ability to critically evaluate sources and clearly differentiate between one’s ideas and the ideas of others, particularly those of indigenous practitioners and scholars, and to respect divergent perspectives; 

4.  knowledge of the history, practices, and concepts of dance ethnology, including related published literature and current developments in the field; 

5.  ability to conduct and report on scholarly dance ethnology research in oral, written, and other forms; 

6.  ability to define individual goals and to choose appropriate pathways to achieve these goals.

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