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MA Dance Education Concentration (36 credits)


The MA Dance Education degree is designed to provide advanced study in the theory and practice of dance education, while broadening aesthetic, historical and scientific understandings of dance. This degree requires a capstone project or paper and written comprehensive examination and oral defense.


Required Theory Courses (15 credits):

Seminar in Dance Research (3)

Seminar in Theory & Criticism (3)

Seminar in Teaching Dance (3)

Teaching Internship: Dance (3) 

Advanced Topics in Dance or Directed Reading and Research (3)


Required Studio Courses (12 credits)

Intermediate or Advanced Ballet or Modern Technique (9)

Asian/Pacific Technique (300- to 400-level) (3)  

General Electives: (9 credits)

(3 credits must be at the 600 level)

*Elective courses must be approved by graduate advisor.  

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MA Dance Education Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the MA Dance Education Concentration degree, students should have gained, developed and refined essential knowledge, skills and experiences necessary to successfully reach the following learning outcomes: 

1. Kinesthetic proficiency and conceptual understanding of various kinds of dance from diverse geographic regions; 

2. Comprehensive knowledge of educational theories, best practices, related published literature and current developments in the field;


3. a. Effective oral and written communication skills that demonstrate critical thinking ability and understanding of dance education concepts and related topics; 

   b. Ability to critically evaluate sources and clearly differentiated between one’s ideas and the ideas of others;  

4. Ability to design dance curriculum that demonstrates understanding of developmental stages, multiple learning styles, appropriate content organization and effective assessment strategies;  

5. Ability to asses one’s own teaching and the development of one’s students as related to Hawaii State and National Educational Standards;   


6. Ability to define individual goals and choose appropriate pathways to achieve those goals.

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