Blocked? How to Run the Logic Simulator


If there's no problems, or if asked "Do you want to run this application" continue to start the simulator.

If you have any problems, first update Java.


Install the most up-to-date Free Java Downlaod.

It may help to also uninstall any older Java on your computer.


If you receive an "Applicaion Blocked" message

Then copy the address "" from the browser, and follow these steps:

Select the Windows start-logo:

A search box appears. Type "Configure Java" in it

A Configure Java icon appears in the menu. Select it.

The Jacva Control Panel appears. Select the Security tab.

Change the Security level to Medium and then choose OK

Click "Edit site list..." and add to the list. (If you copied the address from the browser earlier, you can paste instead of typing it)

Confirm and close all the windows by clicking the appropriate confirmation buttons (Apply, OK, ...)

Close all Firefox windows to restart the Firefox browser.

Starting the Logic Simulator


When asked "Do you want to run this application? answer "Run"

The logic simulator appears. Right-click on the drawing to add parts to it.