Dr. Ted Shaneyfelt

Tools created for my students...

jSimuGate is a logic simulator written in Java that you can useto simulate digital circuits that you design.

CppTurtle is a simple C++ Turtle graphics class using GTKmm graphics.

FP Construction Gizmo is a graphical tool for visualizing how IEEE floating point formats are structured.

Shaka HTML is a page that shows the results of HTML code as you write it.

Cache Visualizer is a graphical tool for visualing the layout of hardware cache.

Answers to uncommon questions...

How can you make your own skybox with a digital camera?

What in the world is a hacoversine?

Have you fed wild geckos today?

How well does your browser handle 3D SVG? (hint: only FireFox properly rotates the dodecahedron)

How do you set up MSys2 & VcXsrv for Linux features on the Windows Command Line?

How can I perform XSLT with PowerShell?

How can I see who's being blocked the most on my server by UFW?

What command can I use in Windows to permanently set an environment variable?

Who won the first known interisland programming contest in Hawaii?

Who am I?

My Bio. and C.V. are posted here.

CS431 Networks & Data Communication

Spring 2022

What will we study about computer networks?

CS495 Computer Science Professional Seminar

Spring 2023

Who are this year's guest speakers?

The list of distinguished speakers for the class varies from year to year.