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Here's some Tips & Tricks from around Y2K, Instructions on how to make your own skybox with a digital camera, a Google search, why, the answer to What in the world is a hacoversine?, and a link to UH Hilo

CS321 AVL Tree

Flowcharts and Diagrams are provided for programming AVL trees.

CS100 Logic Simulator Java Applet

The simulator project is a software project that simulates hardware. The motivation for this program is to teach hardware design in the process of working on a software development project.

If it is blocked, read how to unblock it.

(Click image to run simulator, or scroll down to the bottom of this page.)

Parts are inserted by right-clicking on the grid and selecting a part, such as a logic gate, a seven-segment LED, or an input source. De-Morgan's theorem can be applied to gates to substitute one gate for another, and inverters can be moved to the other in a manner similar to automatic refactoring of software. Also, gates with many inputs can be cascaded or fanned out, or expressed using more primitive gates. The most basic nand gate or not gate can further be represented as a NPN circuit with resistor and transistor images, superimposed over their symbols, superimposed over the gate symbol itself.

When you use the simulator, right click to get a menu like this: