Haiku Stairs Pics (Sept 1997)

Haiku Stairs Pics (September 1997)

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The following were taken during a hike up the stairs in September 1997. Our group gained access thanks to councilmember Steve Holmes, who accompanied us on the hike. The pics were snapped, developed and scanned by Jarrod Kinoshita.

A group of hikers descends a steep section of the stairs just below its topping out point at an abandoned radar building. Dayle Turner is in the yellow raincoat and Wing Ng is behind him (131K jpeg).
A shot taken at the grassy clearing in front of the radar building where the stairs end. Seated is Dayle Turner and standing to the right is Dr. Torrey Goodman. Brisk trade winds created chilly conditions at the summit, hence the jackets (86K jpeg).
The hiking party who ascended the stairs that day. Photo taken at the halfway point plateau. Haiku Valley is in the background. Row 1: name unknown, Steve Holmes, Mrs. Gary Gill. Row 2: name unknown, Bill Gorst, Gary Gill, Steve Poor. Row 3: Wing Ng, Laredo Murray (blue hair), Ralph Valentino. Row 4: Pat Rorie, Torrey Goodman, Dayle Turner, Chris Thomas. Row 5: Jarrod Kinoshita's uncle (123K jpeg).
A trio of hikers attacks a section of the stairs at around the halfway point. Chris Thomas (orange backpack) is in front, Pat Rorie is second, and Dayle Turner is third (104K jpeg).
The group approaches the first missing stairs section. The segment with the white rungs is a temporary ladder made up of PVC pipe and rope. The stairs are nearly vertical here (91K jpeg).
A lone hiker ascends a steep section of the stairs on the main ridgline just past the the concrete enginehouse (114K jpeg).

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