Makapuu Hike Pics
The following were taken during a hike from Makapu'u Lookout to Mariner's Ridge on November 28, 1997--a breezy, almost cloud-free day after Thanksgiving. The pics were snapped with a digital camera by Nathan Yuen.

Dayle in front of Kaulanaaka'iole ("the resting place of the rat"). Hawaiian legend says an archer from Kauai, from a canoe off of Mokapu peninsula, "arrowed" an 'iole at this spot.

The same hole, sans Dayle. The offshore island Kaohikaipu is visible through the hole.

A steep dropoff in the ridge. We had to negotiate several sections like this during the hike.

A ridgetop shot of Rabbit (Manana) Island

A view of Waimanalo

A skyview of the reef below. Yes, the cliff drops straight down a thousand feet from here.

The saddle at the head of Kamilonui Valley. A peak called Pu'u o Kona and a massive ridge that drops to windward is in the background.

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