Olympus to Konahuanui hike photos

The following photos were taken by Nathan Yuen on Sunday, January 25, 1998 on a hike that began at Waahila State Park, continued to Mount Olympus and across the Koolau summit to Konahuanui, and ended in Manoa Valley. Twelve others were along with Nathan, including Ken Suzuki, Debbie Uchida, Grant Oka, Lita Komura, Naomi Nasu, Chris Atkinson, Mike Algiers, Ralph Valentino, Pat Rorie, Gene Robinson, Jason Sunada, and Dayle Turner.

A shot of Olympus from downslope. Olympus is the broad plateau-like upswelling at the center of the photo. The small saddle to the left of it is where we began the summit traverse to Konahuanui.
Here is a shot of the summit crest taken not long after leaving Olympus. The low saddle where the sedan rock and ironwood ridge are located is visible ahead.
The great speed hiker Pat "Paka-lolo" Rorie stands atop the rock dike section. The sedan-sized rock where a sturdier cable was affixed is atop the peak just behind him. Dayle Turner (orange shirt) is just below Pat, working his way around a boulder. Ralph Valentino (also in an orangish shirt) is near the bottom left of the photo. Right after the shot was taken, Pat exclaimed, "Now let's see if I can get down from here."
A shot of the summit crest taken from the spot where we ate lunch. Olympus is the massive knob in the photo.
An awesome shot of Konahuanui with a blooming ie'ie plant in the foreground.
A shot of massive Lanihuli taken from the Nuuanu lookout at the end/start of the Pauoa Flats trail. The Nuuanu Reservoir is in the foreground.
The infamous "guns" of Paka-lolo. Note the gaping hole in his left sock and the well-traveled Nike Landshark footwear. Feeling sympathetic, Gene Robinson gave Pat a new pair of socks soon after this picture was taken.
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