OHE September 14, 1999 (Halawa)

Date: Tue, 14 Sep 1999 09:09:27 -1000
From: Jay Feldman (JFEL873@aol.com)
Subj:   HALAWA HIKE -  9/12/99

Happy to report the Halawa hike went without a hitch. After meeting at Iolani Palace we rendezvoused at the Halawa Industrial Park at 8:35am and provided a prehike briefing. There were a total of 33 hikers signed up including Wil and myself. Twenty-two were members and 11 were guests - $25.00 was collected. Using Mabel's new access route to the ridge we made good time and were hightailing it for the summit just after 9am. We set an early turn around time of 12:30 and over half the group made it to the top, approx. 18 people. Though humid, we had excellent weather with a protective cloud cover but still had excellent views of the windward side. There were no problems other than Wayne Yee unfortunately breaking his eyeglasses. Naomi Nasu helped guide him out but Wayne didn't need much help. Everyone was out by 4:30pm. The trail past the crossover was somewhat overgrown and when mentioned to Mabel, she indicated that Halawa would in the future be cleared every six months just to stay ahead of the vegetation.

A good workout and an excellent hike. I'll give you the 25 dollars at the board meeting Wednesday.

Jay and Wil

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