OHE September 13, 1999 (Poamoho-Schofield)

Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999 14:38:20 -1000
From: Dayle K. Turner (turner@hawaii.edu>
Subject: Poamoho to Schofield (9/12/99)

The HTMC trail maintenance outing yesterday was Schofield, and we did our work with a variation on the theme. Normally, we start at California Avenue in Wahiawa, pool rides to the trailhead (about 2.5 miles along a jeep road), and commence our chopping work as we head up the trail.

Always looking for more interesting ways to do things, our leader, Mabel, suggested we pool rides over to the head of the Poamoho trail, hike Poamoho to the summit, cross over on the Koolau Summit Trail, and then clear Schofield on the way down. Lovers of variety, everyone who showed up was in favor of that plan. About two dozen of us met at 7:00 at the entrance to East Range near the end of California Ave. and hopped in trucks driven by Mabel, Ralph Valentino, Deetsie Chave, and Robert Bettencourt.

In addition to the drivers, on hand (of those I recall) were Ken Suzuki, Carole K. Moon, June Miyasato, Georgina Oka, Lynn Agena, Carmen Craig, Thomas Yoza, Pat Rorie, Reuben Mateo, Nathan Yuen, Dick Beaton, Dick and Brenda Cowan, Greg Kingsley, Jim Yuen, Kay Lynch, and Jim Pushaw.

After the ride up the dirt road to the Poamoho trailhead (the road is in nice shape thanks to recent work by the state), we began hiking, shoving off at 8:00. Mabel, Deetsie, Ralph, Jim, and Robert (plus another gentleman whose name I can't remember) would hike Poamoho up and back. Meanwhile, the rest of us would do the KST crossover and head down Schofield. Over the course of the day, Thomas and I kept in contact via Talkabout Walkie-Talkies he brought along. These are quite handy and I'll probably pick one up for myself (I've seen ads listing a single unit in $50 to $60 range).

Wind-blown clouds made views at the summit a bit splotchy when we first arrived, but the trades kept blowing the white stuff over the crest until we had clear views for the entire duration of the two-mile KST crossing. We did some clearing of the KST between the Cline Memorial and the Poamoho cabin as a favor to Aaron Lowe of Na Ala Hele. Thereafter, we made our way along the summit trail, reveling in the fantastic views to windward, with high overcast skies and splendid cooling winds adding more pleasure to the experience.

About half a mile from the Schofield terminus, we encountered Mark Short and his faithful hiking dog, Sam. Earlier, they'd ascended the Waikane Trail, did some exploring of the summit trail toward Kipapa, and then headed north on the KST until meeting up with us. Those in the lead group arrived at the Schofield terminus at 11:15 and ate lunch and rested there. Arriving at the clearing almost simultaneously was Doug "Dusty" Klein, who'd hiked up Schofield from California Ave.

Other groups from our crew arrived in the next hour, one lunching at the top of Schofield and another stopping to eat at a pu'u along the KST with a panoramic view. The lead group began the descent at 11:45, chopping encroaching vegetation on the way. Other groups headed down afterward. The trail wasn't too badly overgrown; in fact, the uncleared state of Schofield was much better than sections of the Halawa Trail, even after we cleared it last Sunday.

Just before 2:00, Jim Pushaw suffered a nasty self-inflicted wound on his shin from an errant machete blow, and after patching the gash up with gauze and duct tape, he headed down the trail at high speed to get to his car so he could get to a hospital to get stitched up.

Robert Bettencourt drove up the dirt road from California Avenue to give Jim a lift, and Greg Kingsley accompanied Jim to Wahiawa General Hospital. After his visit to the hospital, Jim will be okay.

Ferried down the East Range Road by Robert, Mabel, Ralph, and Deetsie, the rest of us gathered by our cars for a post-outing refreshment feast. Jason Sunada drove to California Ave. to join us as did Ralph, who after hiking back down Poamoho, drove to the airport to pick up Kim and Judy Roy (returning from a trip to the mainland).While we dined on an array of snack items and soft drinks, Pat shared some pictures of a recent trip to the Na Pali Coast on Kauai. And as we usually do after trail clearings, we talked story for a couple hours, unwinding and enjoying each other's company.

Next Sunday, the crew is headed to Kahana to work on a route to Pu'u o Kila, a rarely visited peak in the middle of the valley. Meeting time is 8 a.m. New volunteers are always welcome.


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