OHE September 9, 1998

Date: Wed, 9 Sep 1998 17:44:44 -1000
From: Greg Kingsley (gkingsle@hawaii.edu>
Subject: Mauumae Ridge Trail

Hi, everyone!

Well, I was asked to give a short intro on myself and a little write-up on my recent hike since I'm new to the list. My name is Greg (as you can see) and I'm a college student majoring in "Airway Sciences: Aviation Maintenance Engineering". The courses I have been taking will qualify me to take the examinations for the FAA's A & P License. Hopefully, I will transfer to the mainland to finish out my bachelor's degree, grab a pilot's license, and soon join the picket line, demanding more than $150,000/year in salary. Hahaha, just kiddin' about the last one...

I used to hike a lot as a Boy Scout many years ago. Despite the unusually long respite, I still find the charm, motivation, esteem, and love of life summoned by hiking. And since Hawaii is about the most beautiful state in the Union, hiking it creates memories I will bring with me to the mainland and lessons I will carry for a lifetime.

Okay, enough philosophical mumble/life story, onto the trail...

Just as Dayle was enduring Kahana/Poamoho on Labor Day, my friend and I were dealing with Mauumae Ridge (otherwise known as the Lanipo Trail). Having done the Aiea Ridge just the weekend before, we both agreed that Mauumae was a lot easier. This may have been because the Aiea Ridge was very muddy and Mauumae Ridge was relatively dry. Having come across certain areas that could use a rope for the incline, I could imagine the stationary "stairclimber" routine one would do if it had rained the previous night.

The last 25% of the Mauumae Ridge closely resembles the last 25% of Aiea Ridge. There is an aggressive incline 3/4ths of the way into the trail followed by two or three "humps", a final incline to the Koolau Ridge/Summit, then a sideway bank to the final destination.

Positives about Mauumae?

o As with most hikes to the Koolau Ridge: AWESOME view of the windward side, this one being a view of northern Waimanalo/Bellows AFB, Olomana/Keolu, Kailua, and Pali Hwy.

o Neat view of the Kaau Crater and the waterfall on its eastern rim.

o Cool view of peaks to the west: Palikea, Mount Olympus

o Aircraft view of HNL Runways 8R/26L and 8L/26R

o Lots of berries and strawberry guavas to munch on (if you get to them first!)


Three miles to the first peak, Kainawaaunui (elev 2,520 feet). An extra 2/10ths of a mile to the final peak, Puu Lanipo (elev 2,621 feet).

The trail was crowded, this day, as we met 14 other eager hikers in 1 to 3 person "units".

The only thing I found annoying was the 200 foot (or so) rocky "saddle" at the beginning of the trail which, of course, greets you on the way back. However, knowing the car was just beyond that area kept my legs a-hoppin'.

Hope this helps! If anyone wants to know more, feel free to ask. =)

Greg Kingsley

P.S. Does anyone know what the radio tower on the Waialae Iki Ridge is for? Dayle, I know you were pokin' around there at least once. (*grin*) My guess is KSSK repeater. (*shrug*)

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