OHE September 7, 1998

Date: Mon, 7 Sep 1998 18:13:07 -1000
From: Wing C Ng (wing@lava.net>
Subject: Puu Pauao

Pauao is the peak on the KST D.H. side of topping out point of Poamoho trail. A ridge extends downwards to form the north edge of Kahana Valley, and Puu Piei is on it too, as well as "Wet Nipple". The latter is easily identified on the road where a trail forks to go down to the dammed pool.

Paka-Lolo, Prof. Dayle, and Steve Poor joined me today, going up to that ridge to top out at Pauao, and then go down Poamoho and get a ride back. We started at 8 and I hiked till 12:10 and was quite a ways from the _base_ where it gets steep. So I threw in the towel, had a leisurely lunch, and then turned back to return the same way. Even did some trail clearing.

There is a second trail coming up from Kahana and it was marked with two ribbons. I saw two ribbons and thought that was the alternate access and picked the left fork. Turned out to be a ridge going down into Punaluu Valley, a very nice trail too!! Found a way to sneak into Punaluu :-)

Now, legalistically, no one who hiked can be trespassing. I've told that the Constitution of Hawaii guarantees access to mountain trails as well as to beaches. One of these days, I have to go to a website and actually read it.

Anyway, hiked leisurely, and even checked out several access routes for the "Wet Nipple", which I hope to do one of these days. Came out at 4:40 and was surprised those guys' cars were still there. Must have taken them quite a while to top out Pauoa. I shall let them do their own talking :-)


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