OHE September 6, 1998

Date: Sun, 6 Sep 1998 22:40:27 -1000
From: "Dayle K. Turner" (turner@hawaii.edu>
Subject: Kuolani-Waianu

A throng of hikers, close to 60 in all, descended on Waiahole Valley on the windward side today for the HTMC's Kuolani-Waianu hike. Wil Kawano, Carole K. Moon, and Charlotte Yamane were the co-coordinators for the outing and did an outstanding job keeping everyone on the right course.

I also had the chance to meet OHE-L subscribers Bill Warren and Fred Boll for the first time. A couple of nice guys.

The hike was advertised as a 5-mile intermediate loop route that had us cross two streams then ascend and contour in out of a handful of ravines on the Waiahole Ditch Trail. We passed two portals of the Waiahole Ditch, one which a bunch of hikers enjoyed a cool dip.

Most of us ate lunch at a pleasant overlook under ironwood trees where we had a view of Mokolii Island in Kaneohe Bay and most of Waiahole Valley. Among the folks I remember seeing/talking story with were Lynn Masuyama, Naomi Nasu, Mark Dyer, Wing Ng, Kris Corliss, Larry Oswald, Janice Nako-Piburn and husband Don, Lester Ohara, Jason Sunada, Mike Algiers, Joyce Tomlinson, and Alex Broadfoot.

The trail was in nice shape thanks to recent work by Mabel Kekina, Dusty Klein, and others.

The last hiker was done by 1:30, and several of us enjoyed a post-hike dip in a pool in Waiahole Stream. I also visited folks participating in the club-sponsored campout at a pleasant spot in a grove of Norfolk pine not far from the swimming hole.

In all, a nice hike on a pleasant day in windward Oahu.


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