OHE September 8, 1997 (b)

From: Patrick Rorie (prorie@hekili.k12.hi.us)

Howzit ?!!! Hope everyone had a terrific weekend ! I certainly did !

== 9/5, Friday Pau Hana, Kaiwa Ridge

Went back to my beloved Kaiwa Ridge behind Lanikai. It was kind of overcast but I still enjoyed returning to where it all began. I only hiked from Mid Pacific Country Club to Keolu Hills lookout. Kinda bummed about some things (i.e. Princess Diana, etc.). Started up the trail just before 5 p.m. and got back to my car around 7ish.

== 9/6, Saturday, Up Kaluanui Ridge (above Mariner's Ridge), along the Ko'olau Summit Ridge, down Hawaii Loa Ridge into Pia Valley

Kurt Heilbron and I got together for a "gem" of a hike on a perfect day for hiking. If Kurt doesn't fill in the details I'll put something together in a day or two.

== 9/7, Sunday, Malaekahana Stream Trail Maintenance

Had a wonderful time with the HTMC trail maintenance crew lead by Mabel Kekina. Arrived at the parking area in Laie just before 8 a.m. A few minutes after I got out of my auto Mabel approached me with the Star-Bulletin article describing Rasmussen's ordeal. Apparently atleast two members of the trail clearing group thought I was the missing hiker when the story first broke ! Mabel wanted me to realize that hiking alone (even with a cell-phone) is dangerous and should be avoided. I respect her gesture but it won't stop me from hiking alone in the future. :>

Also in attendance were Ralph Valentino, Ken Suzuki, Lita Komura, Kost Pankiwskyj, Dayle "Da Man" Turner, Lynn Ball (the guru's wife), Jay Feldman, Will Kawano, Charlott Yamane, Bill Gorst and Joe Bussen. Hope I didn't forget anyone.

Some of us got into Mabel's vehicle but the majority jumped into the back of Ralph's truck. We drove .9 miles along a dirt road to an area not far from the trailhead.

After final preps the 13 of us headed up a four-wheel-drive road toward the Ko'olau Mountain Range. We enjoyed each other's company. Charlott and Lynn were way in front with Mabel bringing up the rear. Kost and Ken often stopped for a close inspection of flowers, plants, trees that they recognized as native.

The crew reached the end of the four-wheel-drive road and began a more noticeable ascent. Further up we went thru a couple of eroded areas which had nice views of the Laie coast. The waves were really crankin. We stopped for a rest in an ironwood grove. Next the group entered a long guava forest and began serious clearing. The trail opened up occasionally and the guava was replaced by uluhe fern.

After descending to the stream the group split up. Ralph, Ken, Kost, Dayle, and myself headed up stream and ate lunch in front of a somewhat stagnant pool fed by the first waterfall. The others enjoyed swimming in the lower pools. We could see lots of prawns (creyfish ?) swimming in the pool and spotted a few fish. We also noticed the yellow rope which came down the first waterfall.

Following the lunch break Dayle jumped into the pool and swam over to the falls. He couldn't reach the rope however. I entered the water but stepped on huge rocks below the surface to keep from getting completely soaked. Dayle moved away from the falls as I made my approach. I climbed up along side the falls using guava trees to gain the necessary elevation to reach the rope. As soon as I had a firm grip on it I scrambled up the waterfall toward unknown territory. Hopped along rocks until I reached another larger pool with a spectacular 80-90 foot waterfall behind it. Wanting to reach the top of the falls I looked around for a possible route. There was a faint trail to the left which ascended steeply thru guava trees. I headed for it and worked my way up.

Meanwhile Dayle had successfully reached the rope. After gaining enough altitude I went along the side of the gulch continuing to use guava trees for stability. Shortly thereafter I descended to the stream and walked carefully to the edge of the steep waterfall. I yelled for Dayle and he answered. I could see him making his way up the side of the gulch thru the guava. Instead of waiting for him I went further upstream to find out if there were any more waterfalls. The stream snaked its way along the gulch for quite a distance. I saw some huge prawns. I didn't find anymore waterfalls so the emphasis changed to finding the stream's origin. Unfortunately time would not allow for such an adventure. Bummers.

Just before descending thru the guava I stopped at the top of the second waterfall for one more look. When I reached the large pool fed by the second waterfall I continued on toward the first waterfall. Dayle was making his way down it so I turned around and went back to the large pool for a refreshing dip (naked ? perhaps I shouldn't say !!! :-0 ). The pool was lit up beautifully by the sun with the glistening waterfall providing an outstanding backdrop. It was a very enjoyable relaxing time !

Put my clothes and shoes back on and rock hopped toward the first waterfall. Dayle took the plunge instead of climbing down and encouraged me to do likewise. After some hesitation I followed his lead. The others had departed the stream area (no respect ?).

Dayle and I reluctantly departed at 12:39 and caught up to the rest of the group on one of the open ulune sections later. The entire group got back to the vehicles at approx. 2:15. Mable and Ralph dropped the rest of us off at the parking area and we proceeded to a beach park in Hauula to enjoy pu pus and soft drinks.

== Paka-lolo

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