OHE September 5, 1997 (d)

From: Kukailucy@aol.com

Hey Patrick, you know, you guys could ascend those ropes with a variety of ascenders/systems so that you wouldn't have to use your arms as much (sometimes hardly at all) the way Art did. That must've been quite a feat, to pull yourself up on those ropes! When Torrey gets back from the rarefied air of the Himalayas, ask her to show you how it's done...or does anyone else there on Oahu have rock/ice experience, to show you? We'd use these methods/gadgets whenever we f***ed up on a climb, whenever I couldn't (quite literally) hack my way up a really steep or overhanging section of ice, or when we practiced crevasse rescue. Of course, there's still that wet decaying, unreliable rope to contend with....!

I forgot who contributed the piece about descending the falls, but I would think that they guessed right about the way to "do" the falls--by descending it first. You could set your own ropes, scope out the route, always return later to go back up. Course, I forget whether you all know the start of the descent.

Good luck you guys, I'm jealous!!! ;-)


Reply From: Torrey Goodman (tgood808@lava.net)

I would hesitate using ascenders on old, frayed ropes that I wasn't sure about the anchors at the top. However, once we set our own, then others who do the route could use them. It is actually a lot of fun and very easy to ascend a rope that way or with a simple prussik(rope-on-rope) system.

The other concern for this is $$$. To set up good anchors and ropes for that many falls would require a good bit of gear left behind. But.... who knows what we can come up with as a plan?????

Reply From: Mike Uslan (killah@off-road.com)

If anyone wants to, I know the owner of Hawaii Outdoor World (Glen) and he has a full on climbing Gym. Rock walls 30+ feet high where you can learn indoors (a/c) how to rope yourself up a waterfall properly and safely. I take my daughter once or twice a month there. She loves it.

I'd be interested in putting in new ropes over there, i'm sure Glen would also, unless of course he and his crew are the ones who already roped it. The climbers down there would be very interested to know about these waterfalls. I think the only place they find good for climbing on Oahu is a certain rock face past Mokuleia.

As far as climbing gear at his store on Sand Island Rd he has enough equpment for sale to equip a small army. Shoes, rope, harnesses, you name it. And best of all the indoor rock walls to practice on.

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