OHE September 5, 1997

From: Grant Oka (goka@ns00.phnsy.navy.mil)

i was hoping ck. moon would write this up but she did seem like she was coming down with a cold during the campout so here's my recollection:

my daughter georgina (12yrs) and i set out to join the HTMC campers late sat. afternoon since we just returned from the Big Island fri night. only Charlotte was brave enough to park her care on that desolate road overnight after shuttling the others. Georgi and I parked our car, said a prayer, put on our packs(heavy with water) and set off. the trail was muddy and the stream was high as we waded across. Georgi took off and left me to struggle with my 50# ? pack up the last hill. what a sight! a small tent city under a grove of 70ft ? tall pine trees. lita komasu, charlotte yamane, john darrah, jay feldman, ralph and daughter nikki(13) and son mike(9), carole moon and granddaughter alana (7), mary ? from SF who heard about our campout on the internet.

weather was humid but no rain, only an occasional sprinkle during the night. after dinner, the campfire crackled ( it only took ralph, john and me 2 hrs to start it). ralph made cherry pies over the fire for everyone. sitting around the fire sound boring as i write this but everyone was having a good time. some reported hearing animals (pig?)in the night. mary said she dreamt a pig was nuzzling her face during the night. since she slept with her head outside the tent (cuz it was so humid) we all weren't sure it was actually a dream.

the next morning, jay left to lead the HTMC hike and john joined the hike. the rest of us had a leisurely breakfast and then a short day hike to the pines overlooking Senator Fongs's garden. we gathered some firewood on the way back. later, some HTMC day hikers came to visit. Charlotte, john , myself and all the kids hiked up stream to wonderful swimming spot. the stream drops about 6 ft and curves around a moss laden wall to a deep spot in the stream. the moss is different shades of green, yellow, brownish red. the kids would jump in where the water turns to rapids and picks up speed and get swept downstream to the deep pool. a glorious free ride. after washing our hair with shampoo ginger(picked by charlotte), we headed back to camp.

another fine dinner and another blazing campfire. stars thru the towering pine trees. since it's only 30 min in from the road, ralph hiked out earlier and returned with boston pizza and a bottle of wine! i love you, man!

monday morning we broke camp, packed out every bit of litter, and wearily trudged back to the road. a very pleasant campout. good for the kids especially if it doesn't rain.

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