OHE September 3, 1997 (b)

From: Mae Moriwaki (mae@hawaii.edu)

Sigh. Beautiful three-day weekend, and all I did was two small hikes.

Sunday: Jim had an errand, so I was hiking solo. I meandered over to Alani Drive w/the goal of hiking Olympus via Kolowalu. Trouble started right away. My new hiking shoes offered little or no traction. (Um, I noticed the lack of cleats when I bought them--but they were cheap...heavy sigh.) I can understand slipping on a downhill slope, but uphill!? I swore never to compromise cleats for price again.

As per my custom, I looked for the alani plants that lines the Kolowalu trail. Nothing. I looked for the lobelias. Nothing. My heart fell. The koas were dying, and the ieie on their limbs were burning badly. So sad.

I got to the top of the Kolowalu trial & turned left onto the Olympus trail. Still sliding badly. The flat-topped Olympus came into view. Beautiful views of Palolo-Lanihuli-Wiliwilinui & on down. I sat down & took in the scenery. I debated a long time whether or not to continue. I have never gone the entire distance to Olympus & *really* wanted to reach the summit. But I was hiking solo, my shoes were bad & I was afraid of getting hurt coming back down. Prudence/cowardice won out & I turned back.

Decided to go down Waahila ridge to Dole street. Met a number of really sweet hikers on the way--people are more apt to talk story w/you when you're hiking solo. (Unless, of course, you're Psycho Pat--who probably is just a blur & a whoosh of wind to normal hikers :) )

At Waahila, changed my mind again & decided to go back the way I came (didn't want to do the long road walk back to my car). I took one last long hard look at Olympus before descending down Kolowalu-- *I'll be back!*

Monday: Went to Alewa Heights hike w/Jim & Sam. Sam's not a hiker, so we just went to the neat lookout on Alewa. (Yawn!) Beautiful view of Nuuanu though!

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