OHE September 30, 1997 (c)

From: CWitzke1@aol.com (Chris Witzke)

What a Tuesday......

I got off of work at 2:30pm, and seeing the clouds hovering over the Ko'olau's instead of scraping them, I just had to go hiking! No one wanted to go, so I set out on my own. This would be my first time on the Manana ridge, so with the aide of Stuart Ball's great book, I takled the trail. I started at a turnaround at the end of the main road through the Pacific Palisades. I left my car and began hiking down the access road to the water tank and powerlines which span the valley. At the tank, I gained the trail, and began the real part of the hike. I headed through the forested part and lost the trail twice due to all the forks in it. I couldent finish this 12 mile roundtrip hike tonight, so I'll probably go back Saturday and leave some ribbons. The trail is in excellent condition though. Mahalo's to the souls who placed the erosion control devices in the section where the ridge breaks out in the open. Anyone know who did this work?

Well, I hope to reach the Ko'olau Summit this Saturday. happy hiking all

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