OHE September 29, 1997

From: Dick Beaton (dbeaton@aloha.net)

Did the Kaau Crater hike with the HTMC gang on Sunday. This hike has it all and it doesn't take you all day to do it. Making your way up the waterfalls really gets the adrenaline flowing. It definitely ranks high on my top ten list. A big mahalo to Patrick, Dayle and the HTMC trail clearing gang for clearing the way. As I crossed the summit and descended the west ridge, I kept thinking about all the sweat and hard work that was put into clearing it. Thanks again guys for the super highway.


Reply from Wing Ng (wing@lava.net)

Just came back from the Kaau Crater hike. Patrick & co. did a real good job clearing it, and so I completed it in record time, especially the part running down the slick mud on the west ridge :-)

On the east ridge, about half way up, there used to be a Death Spot where I slipped once. They dug nice holes in the soil that serve as footholds and it is now perfectly safe. Thanks a bundle.


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