OHE September 28, 1997 (b)

From: Dayle K. Turner (turner@hawaii.edu)

==Friday, 9/26==

Joined OHE-Lers Mae Moriwaki and Neal Oribio on a pleasant and interesting hike up Waiakeakua Stream deep in Manoa Valley. Mae was kind enough to let us in on her secret spot and we were treated to a stroll along a nice stream trail that took us past several inviting pools (I hopped into a couple of 'em) and a waterfall with a rope. If you'd like to know more about this spot, ask Mae. I won't blabber anymore about it. In fact, I may have said too much already.

==Saturday, 9/27==

As a function of the Health and Wellness Committee at Leeward Community College where I work, I led a group of 14 staff and faculty members on a trek around the reef runway. Our little adventure started at 9 a.m. at the end of Lagoon Drive, and we hiked around the perimeter of the runway for a distance of aproximately three miles before retracing our steps. In between, we had nice views of the Koolaus, of Diamond Head, and of a couple dozen planes taking off less than a hundred yards from us. The weather was sunny and clear and the trades returned in earnest after a week of sticky Kona winds. The enthusiasm for hiking among group members is high and we plan to do other hikes in the coming months, including one to the Makapu'u Lighthouse and another to the summit of Koko Crater.

==Sunday, 9/28==

I joined the HTMC trail clearing gang for work on the Tripler Ridge Trail. Instead of starting at the traditional starting point at the top of Tripler Hospital grounds, we began at Moanalua Valley Park, hiked up the gravel road to marker #12, and ascended a fairly steep ridge to the Tripler Trail at a point mauka of the infamous twin pines. The Sierra Club was hiking the ridge on this day, and we waved to group leader Cedric Yoshimoto and members of his party as they went by. We worked our way steadily upridge for 2.5 hours, clearing as we went. We also encountered two poachers/hunters and their dogs about an hour along and talked story with them for a few minutes.

After eating lunch, we decided that we needn't clear any further upridge since the trail from where we were to the summit wasn't in too bad shape (we were about an hour's hike from the Koolau Summit). On the return trip, Pat pointed out a pair of cascading waterfalls on the far side of Moanalua Valley. Nice stuff. Also nice was the shape of the trail. Proud I was of the work we had done.

Members of da gang lending lung, leg, and arm power were Mabel Kekina, Dave Sanford, John Hall, Bill Gorst, Charlotte Yamane, Deetsie Chave, Ralph Valentino, Grant Oka and his daughter Georgina, Carole K. Moon, Jay Feldman, Will Kawano, Pat Rorie, and Ken Suzuki. Apologies if I neglected mentioning anyone.

By the way, stay tuned for an announcement in the next day or so about a slide show/picture sharing gathering for OHE-L members and guests. The tentative date for the event is this Friday evening, 10/3. Hope you can join us.

Aloha and safe hiking to all,


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