OHE September 25, 1997

From: "Dayle K. Turner" (turner@hawaii.edu)

Torrey Goodman, who we playfully refer to as G.I. Jane, sent the following to the OHE-L list but it was rejected since it originated from an email account unknown to the list.

Her temporary email address is hra@aidpost.mos.com.np Feel free to send her your regards.


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Hi from Torrey in Nepal..... Was sitting on a ridge high above Kathmandu staring off towards the distant mountains shrouded in clouds and mist... and there was Pak-o-lolo striding..... no... galloping would be a better description... anyhow there he was with Laredo and Gene closely at his heels, and Dale and I not tooo far back..... ohh... and Wing of course, with the loppers snapping madly away.

Joyous laughter (hehehehe..)echoed across the valleys and peaks. Here one could hike forever, and I wish you were all here to do so with me. However.... there ARE quite a few trails so you might get bored... hehehehe.. Anyhow, our preparations and political hassles re: special permits are completed and we're about to leave for the high country this morning. Just wanted let you know that I was thinking of you and will certainly try to scope out some "first ascents" for the gang. Best to all... see ya in December..... Torrey Aka... Dr. Didi (which is respectful Nepalese term for elder sister).

p.s. Email can be sent to this address where it will be printed out and sent up by backpacker... I can't respond except by snail mail, but an outrageous hiking story would probably be most welcome on one of those COLD winter nights.

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