OHE September 18, 1997

From: Gene Robinson (gene@lava.net)

Howzit, OHE-Lers!

Just a couple of quick notes about two familiar hikes.

Drove up Mariner's Ridge then went up Kaluanui ridge with a non-gonzo hiking friend last Sunday. There was a no trespassing sign at the trailhead with somebody's day-pack hanging on it (anybody lose something?). I agree with Kurt and Patrick that it's a nice, quick way to get to the Ko'olau summit for that "peak" experience that we all crave. There's an interesting rock just before the summit that has a spiral-type carving on it like you see in the lava-fields on the Big Island. I doubt that it's a genuine petroglyph, though, because I can find no similar petroglyphs recorded anywhere on this island in Sterling and Summers' "Sites of Oahu" book. Anybody else seen it?

The view was great, and the breeze very refreshing after the hot, but quick climb to the top. Sure looked tempting to head to the left and go up Puu O Kona... then I got home, reviewed the e-mails, and saw that Patrick and Kurt did just that a couple of weeks ago! Looks like fun.

Drove back home and thought I saw a brushfire on the slopes of Keahiakahoe in Moanalua valley, but found out it was just Wing blazing his way down the trail.

Today I did a little trail-jog up Waimano, and was mystified to find that the menehunes have been at work on that trail again. When we came down that trail last month finishing up the Waimalu Middle Ridge-Waimano loop, I was surprised to see that several, fairly random sections of the trail near the old dam had been very fastidiously cleared and ruts patched up. I wondered who would go all the way back there just to work on those sections?

And today, after going through some routine brushy sections of the trail, when I got to the first small stream crossing, suddenly the trail was wide open and perfectly groomed up to the top of the ridge. Mahalo to whoever is carrying their weed-whacker all the way back there! Anybody want to take credit for their hard work on this trail? Waimano is really a great trail; I never voted on my favorite trail a few months back, but for a quick escape from civilization, I think it's one of the best.

Have a good weekend, gang.

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